Friday, February 19, 2021


 I wonder what happened,

That sense of familiarity and comfort,

Why do my eyes well up in tears?

Why do I worry so much?

life takes you places,

you encounter remarkable people,

you wonder what they mean,

Who am I to them?

Who are they to me?

We were once strangers,

You and me...

I don’t know what this means,

I don’t care what it is,

My eyes well up with tears,

Every time I think of you,

I want the best for you,

 I am your friend, the outsider...

Who cannot enter your life,

But who cannot exit either,

A mere spectator, a cheerleader,

A nobody, a well wisher, a bystander,

Your best kept secret, a friend,

One who could have been...


When I am with you,

I am filled with so much joy,

A sense of relief, happiness and fear,

Fear that this might be the last moment,

Happiness that I am able to be there,

Whatever it is...

It transcends my understanding...


When I try to find answers,

The questions just won’t stop,

I need to stop wondering,

Let go of my fears,

Believe that you will be alright,

I know I am there and will be,

ready to shed a tear,

Offer a shoulder,

Soldier on my dear...

It is your hour and it is your dream,

When you come out of your cocoon and fly,

I will be there cheering for you...