Monday, November 21, 2005

Darwin and Vairamuthu

I read this article in newsweek today and wanted to share this with all of you. This is a wonderful article about Darwin and his personal life. The article is aptly titled the evolution of a scientist.
How does Vairamuthu fit in the scheme of things here? What is his relationship with Darwin?

Listen to the audioblog for more...


Anu Mahesh said...

Hi robbie,

You do sing well. The Darwin article was very interesting. As the article mentioned, at the point when we acquired the moral sense of right and wrong, we had to create some supernatural being GOD to explain away that someone is watching over us to reward (or punish) us for being good (or bad). I guess that is how we human beings could have survived without killing each other! Otherwise from darwin point of view, without that moral sense, human beings can behave like animals to kill each other for the scarce resources and would not have collectively grown as a society.


Ganesh said...

Interesting thoughts
both anu and robbie

sen said...

kamala Supera mimic panrey??.

Swahilya said...

Hi Robbie: Am closer home now at Chicago. Do keep in touch. Swahilya.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I think I am a little late here..but boy..I loved it.

Let's leave Vairamuthu/Darwin apart.

You have one great voice..and you better know that.!! To me it sounded like the original soundtrack.!! Way to go Robbie.!!!

Hope to hear more like this.!!

Swahilya said...

Great Robbie. I finally listened to audio here. I have met Vairamuthu and feel that his poetry is essentially Zen and even he said, Zen means "Nee Neeyaga Iru." He also gifted me a signed copy of his poems, of which I liked Onbadhavadhu Yogam the best. He liked to listen to a poem in Tamil that I just rattled out of my memory when I did the interview of Vairamuthu and called me "Nellai Mannin Kavithayini, Swahilya!" Vasishtar Vayal Brahmarishi Pattam?