Monday, August 14, 2006

The pain of separation

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A short essay inspired by Isaac Asimov's "I ROBOT"
I am sitting in the corner of my room, lost in thought about the past few months. Something has changed within me. I am no longer the robot I used to be, I am starting to feel these days, emotions that humans describe very often as “love”. I have started to wonder if a robot like me can have feelings. It was just a few months back when I first set my robotic laser vision on her. A big smile confronted my sensors, which warmed the microprocessors in my positronic brain. My circuits have ever since started to run haywire. The scientists who made me are not yet to come up with a plausible explanation of my status. A few of them look at me with astonishment. I must indeed look weird. I am not a bad robot; in fact I am the first one of my kind. My father must have made me unique; I can feel this intense emotion called love these days. Love for this beautiful human being. I have yearned so long to be human, maybe that’s why human emotions have overtaken me. I know that I cannot ever tell her of my feelings because I am certain she will reject me. How will she ever agree to be with a metallic mess like me? I sometimes wish I were human, as human as she is. I have often contemplated why my master built me like this, all of the others of my kind do not know to love, but why did you build me like this? Why do I feel this emotion? What is the purpose? This emotion is not described in the three laws within which I work. She has changed me, so much so that my metallic armor has started to shine without me taking care of it. She told me that she loves me and I believe in those words. Did I say believe? Trust? What weird things for a robot to be thinking about… I wonder if my master truly made me worthy of her.They told me that they will put me to sleep soon, and that I will never have “dreams” again. They said that I am going to sleep for a long time, never to wake up again and that I will never think about her again. They are decommissioning me, I hope I do not feel the pain… that sweet pain of separation…
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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The lullaby

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The murmur spread and became clear,
Softly escaping from the confines of the mind,
A lullaby filled her senses,
Clutching her life in her hand she lay,
In total surrender to the sounds that made her sway,
Sleep beckoned her deep into its darkness,
Taking her into the dreamers trance,
Haunting her senses with its wild array,
She dreamt within dreams,
Hid her face within her sheets,
As mystical thoughts lay asunder,
Torn apart by the events of late,
She rode the waves of destiny,
Unsure of what the morning brought her,
She woke to see his smiling face,
Only for him to sing her to sleep