Thursday, August 03, 2006

The lullaby

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The murmur spread and became clear,
Softly escaping from the confines of the mind,
A lullaby filled her senses,
Clutching her life in her hand she lay,
In total surrender to the sounds that made her sway,
Sleep beckoned her deep into its darkness,
Taking her into the dreamers trance,
Haunting her senses with its wild array,
She dreamt within dreams,
Hid her face within her sheets,
As mystical thoughts lay asunder,
Torn apart by the events of late,
She rode the waves of destiny,
Unsure of what the morning brought her,
She woke to see his smiling face,
Only for him to sing her to sleep


thennavan said...

Arre wah wah, kya baat hai! Beta aaj tak tum shaayari mein hi guzarthe ho - koi khaas baat hai kya?


Archana said...

Nice! And am I correct in thinking that it is not just sleep you are talking about :-)?

ROBBIE said...

aisi koi baat nahin,usse kehana tha kabhi... kya karen kya naa karen ye kaise mushkil hain, koi to batade iska hal O' mere bhai:P

Hey Arch!!
Yeah it is not just sleep I am talking about. Glad you liked it.