Monday, June 19, 2006


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As the tiny drops fell from the sky,
Immersed in blissful thought was I,
They fell and crept down my mane to my neck,
Enthralling and driving me crazy,
Reminding me of my adolescence wild,
Fiery love, blind desires,
Pubescent forests with wild lilacs,
Flowery fragrance and mystic thoughts,
Fraught and depraved,
Thirsty for love,
Dowsing the flames came down the rain,
The eternal life support,
Enchanted hermits, controlled minds,
Ageing gracefully like wine,
For eons have thee determined life,
Rain, art thee the saving grace for mankind?


Shuba said...

Nature and beautifully described emotions too good!

Robbie said...

Hey shuba,
Thanks for the appreciation, would be nice if you told me about what you liked in the poem...

Shuba said...

Basically beautifully crated words!and the template looks smart!

Archana said...

Hey nice poem - good imagery...

But I did not understand the sudden transition to "Enchanted hermits, controlled minds,"

Is that supposed to be a metaphor for something else?

Sattvic said...

Hey Robbie:

Great one! I wonder what made you write such a beautiful one ;)

ROBBIE said...

Yeah it is a metaphor for the rain itself. Kinda tried to describe it... hmmm... Dont know if it was an apt description though.

Well... the rain is what made me write this one... not some movie for a change:P, well and also the mood I am in these days:)

Swahilya said...

Yaay! Great one Robbie!

Angie said...

Brilliant work

Shuba said...

hey wats happning long time no see!

RandomThoughts said...

Exactly some of my emotions when I got wet in the rain yesterday! Beautiful!


ROBBIE said...

Thank you, I am honored.

thanks for visiting and appreciating.

I am just kind of hibernating for a while. Will get back when I have more stuff to write.

Yeah! dont we all go through such emotions when it rains... I love it when it rains and especially to get drenched.