Thursday, June 01, 2006


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I swoon in the river of blood,
Surrounded by the squeals of nature,
Disillusioned people and a purposeless life,
Cannibals thrive on altruistic desire,
Weakened souls lighting their own funeral pyre,
A gentle fire encompassing ignoramuses,
They howl and cry in pain,
Echoes of a chaotic past linger on,

Let the chaos subside and sanity prevail,
How many will we lose?
Through suicides and murders galore!
Orphaned and tormented are our souls,
Remnants of a barbaric past,
It's time to eschew the myth of the early man!


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Very nice indeed.

idhukkum KOKKI padathukkum enna link??

Liked the last line specially.!

ROBBIE said...

I wrote this after watching kokki and this is what I thought must have gone through kokki(the character).

Shuba said...

Robbie...We jus see all this stuff in movies..jus imagine how people in real life are living...great poem apt photo romba nalla irukku

sen said...

welcome do life...

BTW i came before and was not able to leave any comment cause there was an audio verification instead of a word verification????...

ROBBIE said...

Hey shuba,
glad you liked it and yeah real life or reel life it does pain:P

Are you serious?? haha! audio verification would be a great idea suggest it dude!

Bharani said...

Nice one robbie...Liked it a lot

Shuba said...

Hey robbie long time no see to busy...huh?

ROBBIE said...

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it, why did you remove your other post about meeting this new friend?

Yeah, have been busy with work in the lab, have a lot of stuff to finish up thats why long time no see, will check out your posts soon.