Monday, May 29, 2006


Poetry: Bharathiyar
Poem recited by: Robbie
Music: Ganesh

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Click here to download the song (hi-fi version)


The story behind Resilience:

It was 1994, I was in my 11th grade then, my friends from school had arranged for us to go to watch Mahanadi. I went with all my class (we were 56) to watch this movie. The movie started and despite being the unruly beings we were observed pin drop silence. This wouldn’t have happened even in our class room. My Malaysian class mate was crying uncontrollably by the end of the movie and I had to console him and remind him that it was just fiction.
Mahanadi was a stunner; it also introduced me to this poem. For a long time after that day ‘pirar vaada’ and Kamal’s voice kept lingering in my mind.

Listen to Kamal's version here ( I modified it and made it slower, making it easier for people to follow the lines in the poem, I personally feel that Kamal could have slowed it down:p)

I had long wanted to post this poem on my blogsite. I had one problem though, I did not have the lyrics. Thennavan graciously sent me the lyrics when I asked for it. I was ready to recite it and post it when Ganesh called me home.
I stopped recording and went to Ganesh’s place, after reaching there a weird thought struck me. I had always wanted this recital to be accompanied by music of some sort and here I had Ganesh, a brilliant composer with me, so I immediately started pestering him to compose music suiting the mood of this poem. It was hard for me to believe what happened next, Ganesh in the next 10 minutes or so had come up with this brilliant composition to go with my recital!!!
He literally composed the music impromptu. I couldn’t believe what I heard because he was suffering from cold and a terrible headache the entire day and I had least expected him to come up with such music.
What you hear now is the product of those few hours of brainstorming and Ganesh’s brilliance in executing this idea. I feel honored to be in the company of such a talented person like Ganesh and I request people visiting here to carefully listen to the composition and to give your feedback to this wonderful composer. This was a novel experiment, and I thank Ganesh for helping me with it.


thennavan said...

Your voice has an uncanny resemblance to that of the man himself. Great job :-)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

voice appidye - Kamal maadhiri irukku Robbie.!! Pramadham your reciting the poem..and then the music ..!!! Loved it.!

Bharani said...

Absolutely amazing work. Ennaku pudhicha bharathiyar poem. Really appreciate it.

:: The Protector :: said...

hopped thru Shuba's page... downloaded the song...will hear and update the comments


TJ said...

Kadavul paadhi, mirugam paadhi, kamal paadi robbie paadhi.

Innum niraya indha maadhiri post pannungo!

Shuba said...

hey robbie.......your voice huh?soooper!manly voice...nalla barathiyar pattukku etha kambeeera,mana voice...try singing in films!and ganesh ahs done a real good work...kalakittinga....romba nalla irukku!

sen said...

machi ur voice is majestic da... Kalakku

ROBBIE said...

dear thenns,
this wouldn't have been possible if you hadn't sent me the lines of the poem.
Thanks for your help and motivation

If it werent for a few people like you I would stop imitating thalaivar. You keep reinforcing my belief that I can mimic him well:P

The movie Mahanadi introduced this poem to me and I always used to enjoy listening to it every time I watched the movie. Glad I could share my joy with people of similar interest.

The protector:
Take your time and give Ganesh all your valuable feedback. For he is the one who really worked on the composition. It was amazing to see Ganesh work on this idea as soon as I gave it to him, he immediately had a composition in mind and composed it impromptu!!

I knew you would like this just like you liked kadavul paadhi:P
Super post potirukke TJ nee, I enjoyed reading it.

Thanks for using all those adjectives on me. I am getting a ego boost here:P Well as far as me and singing in movies goes it is like making some begger on the streets sing (he would do a better job).

Machhi composition pathi onnume sollaliye? Ganesh paavam took a lot of effort to compose the music.

Archana said...

Very nice :-)! The music is awesome and your voice sounds like Kamal's voice :-)!

Sattvic said...

Hey Robbie:

Great voice. Sounds so much like Kamal's. The music composition is awesome! You are so lucky to have a friend like Ganesh. I always have great respect for people in music and wonder how they can play music extemporaneously. Hats off Ganesh!

ROBBIE said...

Hey arch:
Thanks for visiting and for the encouraging words

Hey Sattvic:
I knew you would like it and yes!! I am lucky to have a friend like Ganesh. He comes up with amazing stuff like this all the time!!

Poorni said...

Me being an ardent fan of Bharathi and his poems, was so glad to hear his words.
You have done a good job.
The music part was very nice to hear.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I feel it's a brilliant piece of work, both from the composer and the singer... well done ! What a poem that is... absolutely brilliant... Bharathi should've lived for much longer...

Thanks guys, post more like this...

Anonymous said...

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