Monday, June 19, 2006


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As the tiny drops fell from the sky,
Immersed in blissful thought was I,
They fell and crept down my mane to my neck,
Enthralling and driving me crazy,
Reminding me of my adolescence wild,
Fiery love, blind desires,
Pubescent forests with wild lilacs,
Flowery fragrance and mystic thoughts,
Fraught and depraved,
Thirsty for love,
Dowsing the flames came down the rain,
The eternal life support,
Enchanted hermits, controlled minds,
Ageing gracefully like wine,
For eons have thee determined life,
Rain, art thee the saving grace for mankind?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Forbidden love

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I feel you in my mind,
The soft tenderness of your presence,
The fragrance in your enchanting voice,
Whispers filled with sweet nothings,
My heart buzzes with expectations,
Anticipating the next silky smooth move,
I can still feel you, touch you but not see you,
One day you make me what I am,
The next you try to destroy,
A meaningless entity,
Denial does not kill you,
Only makes you stronger,
Caught in the eternal battle,
Of the mind and heart you suffer,
Hidden in the forbidden corner of my heart,
You will rise again and again till I die,
My love…sweet forbidden love


Federer(1) faces Nadal(2) tomorrow in what could be one of the best matches ever in the history of tennis. The final match of the French open promises to be a humdinger
Will Federer become the first man since Rod Laver and Don Budge to win 4 Grandslams in a row on 4 different surfaces?
Will Nadal extend his open era clay court winning record to 60?
Will Sharapova say yes to Federer?
Wait a minute...
Sharapova and Federer?
Watch this hilarious video and warm up for tomorrow!!!

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Thursday, June 01, 2006


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I swoon in the river of blood,
Surrounded by the squeals of nature,
Disillusioned people and a purposeless life,
Cannibals thrive on altruistic desire,
Weakened souls lighting their own funeral pyre,
A gentle fire encompassing ignoramuses,
They howl and cry in pain,
Echoes of a chaotic past linger on,

Let the chaos subside and sanity prevail,
How many will we lose?
Through suicides and murders galore!
Orphaned and tormented are our souls,
Remnants of a barbaric past,
It's time to eschew the myth of the early man!