Thursday, April 13, 2006

A view from the window

Deep in my deepest slumber,
Wandering mysteriously through wild forests,
In search of a fair maiden I went,
Searching for the ever elusive dream,
I was near yet so far,
I woke up with a start,
It was midnight and through the window I saw her,
The most beautiful sight,
The shimmering full moon,
There she lay await for me,
All those years,
Playing the game of hide and seek,
She revealed herself for me to see,
Me and only me,
As she bathed me in her light,
Putting me into blissful slumber,
I woke up never to see her,
Till the Sun faded and night fell upon me,
She went hiding again,
Making me search for her in vain,
I looked and looked for many nights,
Till she peeped by my window yet again,
Bathing me in light so pristine,
Making my view from the window so divine.


Revo's nuggets said...

I agree its beautiful isnt it? I too watched the moon through the cherry blossoms today as I walked back home - completely blissful.

Ganesh said...

well written robbie

thennavan said...

Poetry time-aa namma area-le? Ellaam serththu kalakkunga. Good one :-).

.:: Rosh ::. said...

Nice poem zaps.. :)

Anonymous said...

Its surprising Robbs.. I too was admiring the moon last nyt.. And u came up with a poetry!!! Great.. When u were searching for the moon in vain, she was near me da.. Hehehehe... I was admiring her... Wish to see and admire the moon together soon.. Hehehehe... ;)

_Soulless_ said...

Searching for the ever elusive dream

Bathing me in light so pristine,
Making my view from the window so divine.

Such beautiful lines. They do so easily elicit a wistful sigh. ^_^ Thank you.

Anonymous said...

beautiful poem.