Sunday, September 17, 2006

The last cannibal and the last drop of oil

The end seems so close. The future of this planet rests in great peril. The most intelligent creature (in the universe?) on earth is on a self destruct mode. Our natural resources are near depletion, our dependence on our own creation has increased our energy consumption more than ever before. We have used up most of our fossil fuels, alternative sources of energy are at a great demand, the earth must have never felt so abused before. Where do we stop? Our fertile mind continues to discover new avenues for our survival, but do we consider what we have in stock? We might reach a stage where rational thinking and solutions might not make any difference to the planet we are living in. I was watching a few interesting short documentaries on ninemsn recently and was astonished to see what a mess we have left for our future generations.
I have links to a few of those incredible documentaries here.
Running on empty:
This documentary is about how humans are running out of oil fast and the prediction is that we will run out of oil by 2015!!
The nuclear question:
Addresses the questions regarding nuclear power as the alternative clean fuel.
Australia's fault:
About how Australia is responsible for all the tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes in Indonesia!
The last cannibals:
About the last stone age cannibalistic tribe on earth!


Anonymous said...

is the last cannibal - good or bad?
good thoughts... but see oho-productions' 'the meaning of life' and that may address this from a different angle :).

Archana said...

If there is no oil and no other source of fuel is available, will we all start to walk/bicycle everywhere?

And ooooooh, so you are engaged? I assume (presume) this is a fairly recent happening based on the sudden change in the mood of your blog :-)! Congratulations :-D!