Saturday, October 08, 2005

60 minutes on 9MSN

I saw a few incredible clips on 9msn the last few days. I really loved watching them and I wanted to share them with all of you.

Please click on the links to watch the clips

All you wanted to know about Roger Federer in a nutshell. A very interesting short program.

A very moving documentary on the massacre of muslims in Bosnia.

Facts that all of us should know about global warming.

I hope everyone enjoys watching these videos as much as I did.


Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

Thanks for the link and welcome back.

Swahilya said...

Robbie, back with so much to read. You must have seen the speed with which bloggers are posting these days!

Anonymous said...

Roger is Cool.....I m his Fan :)


ROBBIE said...

Hey venky:
I am sorry I couldnt meet you when I came down to pittsburgh. It took way too much time setting up my uncles house that I didnt have any time to really call you to go out somewhere. I will do so for sure the next time I am there. Glad that you are keeping in touch. thanks.

These videos are really well done and I have got addicted to this website of late. Do watch these incredible videos and I am sure you will agree with me.

I am a big ROger Federer fan, infact I follow every game of his. I often frequent

to get the latest and exciting news about roger federer. These websites also have some interesting videos. You should also check out the links that I have provided here with this post, its a very nice short documentary on Roger.

thennavan said...

Robbie, I guess many of the DC bloggers missed you. Now we can see more of your insights coming up on a frequent basis.

ROBBIE said...

Hey mukund:
I missed all of you guys as well. I am glad I am back to my old blogging ways and I am glad that you are still hanging in there.
Hoping to read more interesting posts from you brother!

Revo's nuggets said...

Thanks for visiting my website... I have put my cellbiology interests on the blog now... wanted to do it for a while - but have been busy with experiments and applications!
do I get to hear about your sucessful project proposal?
PS: for some reason my ibook is unhappy to load your movies or use ninemsn software... do you have any direct links for them?

Ganesh said...

Robbie welcome back.
Appadiye San Francisco trip pathi blog pannu

Ducky said...

Hey, came across your blog today. Pretty interesting. Also realized we have a lot in common. I also spent the first year of my life with my g'parents and I also did spend a large chuck of my life in Salem.

Do check out my blogs at

Ain't as interesting as yours, but I do the best I can. Ciao.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Thanks Robbie for the links. I'll watch them over the weekend and let you know.

Arvind said...

Another Federer glorification post ehhh :-D ??