Monday, October 17, 2005


In the deepest confines of my brain,
There lies a mysterious world,
A world not many know of,
But always ask me questions about,
I shrug off their questions and silently walk away,
I keep wide awake waiting for the murmur to end,
The noise increases and reaches a crescendo,
I twist and turn waiting for it to subside,
It seems to be never ending,
Engulfing me in its raves and rants,
Everything seems to be moving at a furious rate,
Pictures of my past zoom by,
My present lost in the confusion,
I lie in wait for sleep to embrace me,
Am I the eternal Insomniac?


Padmasani said...

Sabbash betha

sen said...

Nope u r one of those guys, who want more than what is given to you and someone who is still seeking answers.

Iam waiting for ganesh's comment.

Ganesh said...

1 to 100 count pannu thookam thana varum

Swahilya said...

Robbie: Breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply. Watch your breath and nothing but sleep will come. Otherwise read some boring magazine!

ROBBIE said...

Thanks mami, you made my day!

Yeah! tell me of someone who doesnt want more than what hes got and ganesh did comment after all:P

I seriously thought you would ask me to comment on your blogsite. edhukku comment adikkamala erundhirukkalaam!

Do you really want me to go through the torture of reading a boring book, I still probably would keep awake thinking about how horrible the book was:P

Ganesh said...

Robbie there is actuallya sloka in praise of 'Nithra Devi' a beautiful one indeed. You can tell that,
otherwise, listen to a nice pleasant music and laid down sleep will embrace you

Anonymous said...

Robbie...even i m in the same boat..

I wonder sometime whether it is because of the pressure at work...

I have almost become a nocturnal....this doesnt mean that I get sleep during day...please if u find a solution do let me know

Ganesh: Sloka for me please........wish it works


ROBBIE said...

I have had this problem on and off. Its not like this everyday. It can be just because I am so wound up and cannot relax. The best possible solution for this is to relax. I would suggest that you find a way to relax, do not keep thinking about work after you get back home. It is important that you have something else in life other than work to keep you occupied at other times. Counseling can also be a good alternative. Counseling can seriously work, if you are not sleeping it might be due to depression as well. I would suggest that you go to counseling right away if possible.

Ganesh said...

This new format looks just great better than the other one.

ROBBIE said...

Yeah I agree! I spent half the night deciding which one to use and finally came up with this one:P. Thanks to you for the help (and thank god I didnt chose any of the templates you suggested :P).

Ganesh said...

i suggested this one first, but you didnt want go with it.

ROBBIE said...

This is not folio or any of the others you suggested, this is another one that I liked check your googletalk links that you gave me and you will know what I am talking about.

sen said...

ganesh, just said what i was expecting :).

"Robbie there is actuallya sloka in praise of 'Nithra Devi' a beautiful one indeed."

Either u can tell 1 to 100 or tell a sloka on nithra devi.Both the same, mindless repetition to bore the mind. hahahahaha :)

Ganesh said...

Mind if trained can do wonders sen.
Mantras does serve a purpose sleep or otherwise.
But then you know it already dont u :)

Arvind said...

Mantra or Mandira Bedi
Sleepy or Sleepless

Never rest - Seek perfection in being an insomniac :P

Revo's nuggets said...

Robbie- rendu science paper eduthu padi, thookam thanaala vandhurum.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Robbieyai nenacha...enakku kavalaiya irukku.!! Nice poem though..!!

Times like this, I take some Benadryl and hit the bed.!!

Daedalus said...

ha, i was just going to suggest benadryl but he beat me to it. benadryl and a little wine make an excellent combo for a good sleep. make sure you have more than eight hours to slumber, though.

Shuba said...

i had tried anxit,alprax restyl evrything but the best medicine is to take off the poain if u had one from your mind...then life becomes normal