Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In memory of Choco...

picture courtesy: http://imagesavant.com

You came to me when you were three weeks old,

I still remember your sprightly steps,

Your dark chocolate fur and bright eyes,

You were dark yet you filled my life with light,

I remember that healing touch,

Every day you would tug my hair with your teeth,

Begging me for some warm milk,

Waking me up with kisses wet and small little teethy bites,

I woke up to see the little wonder that you were,

Forgetting my rotten past,

Its been 2 years since I last saw you,

My son... I will never see you again,

You breathed your last without me,

I will miss you all my life,

Remember the days you brought me joy,

Taking away all the sorrow that was,

You healed me with your love,

You weren't just a dog but a beacon of hope,

I love you my son and I always will...

You will always live in my memories,

As that tiny little chocolate ball that was...



Sattvic said...

Very touching, Robbie! I pray that Choco's soul rests in peace.

Swahilya said...

Feel very sad reading this.

kitchenette soul said...

I truly understand. A dog is the epitome of Love. He came into your world to give you a taste of unconditioned Love. Hope you get over it soon, and having said so know itS TOUGH

sen said...

what's up machi??... no news from you?

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