Friday, May 11, 2007

The Incredible Journey

It was the 4th of December the first day of the ASCB (American Society for Cell Biology) meetings in San Francisco. I was walking around dumb struck at all the research that was on display. I saw her standing in front of her poster explaining her research to a fellow researcher. My heart skipped a beat, she was petite, pretty, vivacious and bubbly, I approached her poster with interest and started to ask her a few questions. I discovered that she was also from India and we exchanged phone numbers. I then left on a month long trip to India and Japan from San Francisco. Memories of the trip to San Francisco were long gone and when I came back to Washington DC, I was surprised to hear her voice mail waiting for me. I immediately picked up the phone and dialed her number and waited anxiously till she picked up. A sweet voice alluringly said “hello”, I lost myself for a few minutes to the incredible sweetness of the voice and let the situation sink in, Is this ….? I asked. It was her… she started to ask me about my India trip and I patiently answered all her questions. Then the topic shifted drastically to spirituality and science. She said science made her spiritual and I told her the science took me away from spirituality. She started to argue that science and spirituality were just two sides of the same coin. I listened to her argument awestruck not able to formulate a fitting reply. I floundered for words and then suddenly asked her if she had ever been in love. She was seemingly surprised by the sudden change of track and tried to skirt the issue as best as she could. She did not seem to understand the sudden change but I managed to make her answer my question. The ice was broken with a sharp ice pick like argument and she melted in front of me showering me with her past. It was 6 hours by the time we decided to call it quits. We had by then shared all our past history and pretty much exhausted by the marathon session. I woke up the next day with only one thing in mind- call her and find out how she was. I was afraid if I had rekindled memories of her past and desperately wanted to talk to her. I called her the next morning and was welcomed by the now familiar sweetness. We exchanged greetings and started to talk for 3 more hours. At the end of it she wanted to leave for a concert and I was in no mood to let her go. She was surprised that I was so attached to her just after a day of talking to her. I told her that I liked her as a friend and wanted this friendship to last. She came back from the concert and called me back, I was waiting anxiously for her to call. I had become addicted to this girl, but I was not sure if I would get into a relationship. She came back from the concert and called me. I was so happy to hear her voice and was jumping in happiness, our conversation took a lighter turn and we were exchanging jokes and laughing our hearts out. All of a sudden (to this day I do not know what took me) I told her that she had seduced me!


Archana said...

Nice :-))! Next part please :-))!

Robbie said...

Arch! I'll tell you something! I did not post this. I had written this and left it on her computer and she posted it today after all these days haha!!!
Now I have no choice but to continue.

Srividhya said...

stopped by ur blog after a long while.. glad I cud get some missing details of ur story from this blog!- he he- thanks to HER!
(yeah- I am waiting for more details as well ;)