Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dear love,

This wonderful feeling,
It’s growing in me everyday,
Day and night it sweeps my day,
Making me leap,
Sometimes in ecstasy,
Sometimes in pain,
Your thoughts possess me,
Obsessively demanding my attention,
How am I to sleep this way?
The eternal insomniac that I am already,
Those murmurs in my brain,
Of memories sweet and sour;
Do not matter any more,
Frozen memories have thawed,
I now believe in Immaculate Conception,
The abstracts make more sense now,
Your face fills my moonless nights,
Loneliness has deserted me,
A smile lingers on my face,
Lucky aren’t I to be loved by love itself?

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Swahilya said...

Hi Boss, how do you do!