Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Random thoughts...

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She was asleep...
It was a breathtaking sight,
The silhouette of beauty,
It turned and spoke,
A distant buzz swept in,
The speech subsided,
It was listening...
The winds picked up speed,
It started to pour heavily,
Water covered the land,
The seas ruled over mountains,
Extinction ruled the earth.
The buzzing stopped,
There was silence in the air,
I could hear her breathe,
A marvel of science,
She survived!
She was asleep...


Ganesh said...

Nice one on Pralayam.
Evolution never stops it always on the move. I know you wont like this
but there is almost exact thing in upanishad decribing the same that you have brought out in this poem.

Raman said...

True and touching.

cosmicblob said...

Wow Robbie Nice one!

Lol reading Ganesh's Comment...the argument continues...

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Really good.! What made you write this good piece today.! I was worried about your anonymity the last few days.!

I love it.! Wish I could translate this to Tamil....maybe...let's see.!

kaleidoscope said...

How did she survive becoz of science? I dont get it. Was this all a dream?

ROBBIE said...

I believe you, hinduism is based on the trinity of creation, destruction and "cosmic" intelligence (preservation). This is the eternal cycle that man observed and incorporated into hinduism.


Lol! I agreed with ganesh for once:P

I would be honored if you translated it. I did not write this yesterday.Its been a long time since I wrote it and somehow I chanced upon it in my files...

Read ganeshs comment, he summarized it in one word "pralayam". The 'she' here refers to life... you can have different analogies, afterall isnt this what we call poetic justice?

kaleidoscope said...

OK now i get it, aaa i feel so stupid rt now.

.:: Rosh ::. said...

Zaps, the poem is awesome. Somehow could'nt relate the pic with the verses initially, except that 'she' is sleeping. After reading all the comments i guess i see the light.

Swahilya said...

Hi Robbie: Read the poem twice over. Couldn't understand first. Ganesh's comment threw some light. Then your ratification on his comment through more light. Now I interpret the whole poem as the dream of life in the stupor of sleep.
Namaste. Swaha.

sen said...
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sen said...

yes u can have different anologies.When i read it , i thought of an average indian who is fast asleep in his family life.Who never protests against the corruption/injustice etc and puts up with everything that happens around him, just to "SURVIVE".

Anonymous said...

Good one...
Short, sweet and beautifully put.

ROBBIE said...

There is nothing to be ashamed about, a poem can be interpreted many ways, it is not your fault but rather mine for I made it too complex.

The picture was put there on purpose for people to try and find the link, It was just a ruse... Glad you succeeded in finding some link:P

Glad that you finally understood. I guess the next time I will try and improve my style, it seems to be confusing and confounding to many people.

I love your analogy! You have managed to capture the essence of the poem really well. I really like the way you seem to zone in and "FIX" the analogy...AWESOME mate!

I read your blog on thiruvasagam, I felt that it was really well researched and nicely written. I hope that people visiting here will soon visit your blogsite and leave you tons of insightful comments. I am glad you enjoyed it, thanks.

Shiva said...

crisp and beautiful..

Sriks said...

robbie, kalakara...

I thought the guy up in the tree was running away from this gal
he owed her lot of money...:)
we need to meet man and fight over Mr. k.amal gas on.. - been long :)

Arvind said...


very superb attempt at 'abstract'. The poetic justice, got you so many different interpretations - nice, i think you have a place in history now. Every teacher reading out the poem will impart different 'spin' on it !

way to go !!

ROBBIE said...

hey shiva: I am happy that you liked it.

Sriks: thanks for visiting and enlightening me about the picture, I sure look forward to meeting you and discussing about "THE BEST ACTOR IN INDIA!"

Arvind: I knew you would like this, I kind of felt that this was leaning close to your style of confusing and confounding:P. But I am glad that people have seen and interpreted it their own way,that was the purpose of posting it.Thanks for the kind comments:P

Sriks said...

robs, sure...just ordered on EBAY , few helmets, dozen urutookatta, 2 crates of soda bottle, I am all set...:))