Sunday, July 24, 2005

She leaves me breathless...

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The clock just struck 12
I tiptoed out of my room Into hers...
There she lay like an aphrodite
waiting for my arrival
I swooped her into my arms
and placed a kiss on her lips,
She swayed and gasped
I couldn't stop kissing,
I saw her crimson frame in the darkness
Her face radiated a brilliant blue
I saw her eyes closed, arms outstretched
A picture of beauty
as she lay on the bed
I took her lips into mine,
My neurons fired a salvo...
I gasped in relief,
Fell into her arms,
We left our past in the passion,
Will our lives get salvation?


Ganesh said...

passion ignited the neurons sending waves of ecstasy exploding inside his cranium :)

ioiio said...

Unga veettu naaikku lips'la ellaaam kiss adippeengalaaa :)

ROBBIE said...

lol, eppothikku adhu nadakkala, nadandha thaniya ungalukku mattum post pannaren.

ROBBIE said...

I can replace "my neurons fired a salvo" with what you have written here :P

Sowmya said...


Raman said...

Hmm ... Robbie, does this poem have a hidden agenda of wooing an anonymous member of your vast audience?

So, there's a romantic buried deep within you! Nadathu Raaja Nadathu ...

ROBBIE said...

no such thing like wooing anyone, I thought twice before I decided to publish it, for these very reasons hahaha! hmm but what is life without controversy:P

Phil Plasma said...

life without controversy is a little too rosy for most of us. I don't strive for controversy, however, I strive for obfuscation.

Arvind said...


With immediate effect, your site has been rated as 'R' (pun intended).

Why only anonymous commenters :P ?

sen said...

Looks like a st forward one for me.Or is there an anology in this??.

how about these titles for it
1)A New day.
2)Happiness and Sin
3)Adam and Eve

ROBBIE said...

I dont mind the R rating, its all in the mind.

It is a pretty straight forward one, a figment of my imagination thats all. As usual you can use your imagination after all a poem is no more personal once it is out in the open. I did not intend to put this on the web but I just decided to in the spur of the moment. These are very special thoughts I had been holding to for a long time. I think letting them out will certainly help me.

Swahilya said...

The moments of togetherness, actually give a glimpse of what it means to have salvation!

Prabz said...

ahem.. yaaro edho sonnamadiri oru nyabagam.. :)
Kalakal kavidhai :D