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The picture above shows the timeline since the big bang. It is interesting to note that it has been 13.7 billion years since the big bang occurred. Thus, 13.7 billion light years is also the diameter of the universe. I included this time line to make a simple point; it has been only 4.5 billion years since the birth of planet earth and only 4 million years since the birth of mankind. Life on earth formed surprisingly early about 3.5 billion years ago i.e., just one billion years after the formation of Earth itself. Evolution of mankind though took a longer time. There were many prominent scientists in the past who spoke about a life on earth being alien. They spoke about life beginning on a different planet and then being subsequently transferred to Earth. Two modern day scientists Hoyle and Wickramasinge proposed the PANSPERMIA theory. Scientists have long observed that the vegetative form of bacteria called bacterial spores have special resistant features. The bacterial spores can withstand high temperatures, cosmic rays, and even vacuum. This made the bacterial spore a very special intergalactic vehicle. A bacterial spore formed in Mars can then be transported along with meteorites to Earth. There are many records or Mars meterorites falling on Earth and scientists a few years ago also observed PCHC’s (polycyclic hydrocarbons) in these meteorite samples. The presence of such hydrocarbons can be considered as equivalent of finding a bacterial fossil. But the sole presence of these hydrocarbons is not proof enough that life existed on Mars. This theory will only hold true if the geological age of Mars is significantly more than that of the geological age of Earth. Like all theories the panspermia theory also has great support and equal opposition. But it does bring forth one very interesting question. ARE WE ALL ALIENS?


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Ganesh said...

Yes it is very much possible.
with furthure missions to Mars,
we might get better picture on this.
In the controversial book,Chariots of the Gods by Erich Von Daniken
essentially deals with this concept.

ROBBIE said...

Why dont u write a blog on that please? It would be interesting to know what Von Daniken says about this. I have heard about that book, but havent read it. I read one by richard dawkins on the same topic which is pretty interesting.

V said...

We do have a meteorite discovered in Antartica (of Martian origin 1984). which point towards that direction. I believe you allude to that fact. The meteorite under microscope shows fossile traces that seems to be that of a microbe. And abviously not conclusive!