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I am sure many of us ask this question. This question first reminds me of a Jackie Chan flick of the same name, Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins and more recently Mr. Desikans (dasavatharam the missing link) blog. I read his blog at my friends place and he seemed to reflect my opinion on the famous dasa avatharam. Many people here in the US have asked me about hinduism and I have always maintained that hinduism is a deep philosophy. It is ironical that a person like me who doesnt believe in religion is writing this blog.
I believe in simplifying the hindu philosophy to the trinity. WHAT IS THE TRINITY?
BRAHMA- the creator
SHIVA- the destroyer
VISHNU-the preserver ( cosmic intelligence)

All the different stories I heard from my grandfather when I was a kid had these three basic characters. Whenever the creator or destroyer faced problems they used to run to the cosmic intelligence for help. For instance there is this story of Basmasura who tries to kill shiva after getting a boon from shiva himself. Vishnu in his Mohini avataram saves Shivas skin.
Let us equate this scenario with the food chain. The food chain must be maintained in order for the different species in the food chain to exist peacefully. There has to be a balance between the number of carnivores and herbivores. The number of herbivores depend on the number of carnivores and the food source. The same holds true for the carnivores and the primary producers. The chain, if disrupted, can cause extinction of a species. I find it incredibly intriguing that hindu philosophy agrees so well with what occurs in nature. We can use the same analogy to different other things.
Now to return to the basic question... Who am I?
I have no answer. For a scientist, I am a living, breathing mammal, a land animal, bestowed with the ability to read, write and comprehend an animal of outstanding brain power. For the religious person, I am gods child. A mirror image of god himself. Created out of dust...
Who am I?
I am ROBBIE ...

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Ganesh said...

An awesome presentation on an interesting subject added to a scientific thinking which clearly shows that you are a scientist.

wichita said...

my god, what desikan has written is junk.if that is an inspiration for you what can i say.the problem you guys understand neither science nor religion or philosophy.
see the tamil blog of ravisrinivas
for a critique of desikan's post.

ROBBIE said...

I do not mind if what I wrote was junk. I am allowed to express my views I hope and I did that duely. Well I might not understand science or religion but I have my right to express. Thank you for junking my thoughts, I can live with this.

Desikan said...


That was a good presentation. Thanks for visiting my blog.
I am allowed to say anything and so you are. There is nothing to agree or disagree. anyway thanks for reading and providing your comments.
- desikan

Anonymous said...

its an excellent presentaion,the way you belive is very practical and scientific i hope soon you will become a good scientist. Gudluck! hehhee..

cosmicblob said...

>>Whenever the creator or >>destroyer faced problems they >>used to run to the cosmic >>intelligence for help.

:-) LOL. Tickled my funny bone.