Sunday, May 22, 2005


I guess it’s been a week since my last blog. It was worth the wait for I wanted to write a review for this one movie more than any other. I watched the REVENGE OF THE SITH yesterday. I can safely write a review for this one without bothering about revealing it all, because everyone knows that this is the movie in which Anakin turns to the dark side and becomes DARTH VADER. I will however, keep his mentors identity a secret. George Lucas’s STAR WARS trilogy was the first ever science fiction movie that went beyond earth and reached out to the other galaxies of our universe. Even though there are many loopholes in the whole production (for example: All aliens and humans walk upright in zero gravity!!) the experience of watching a Star Wars movie is unparalleled. I am talking in absolutes here because I love the special effects. The special effects in the REVENGE OF THE SITH is the best of any Star Wars movie to date. If someone decided to criticize this movie they will not have to try hard because it has dozens of loopholes like the one I mentioned before. I therefore do not want to pinpoint the loopholes and would like to point out some of the breathtaking scenes in the movie. There were many breathtaking scenes in the movie like Yoda fighting DARTH SIDIOUS and ANAKIN fighting Obi Van, but the most intense scene in the whole movie was when the helmet is slipped over Anakin’s mutilated face and his transformation to DARTH VADER is complete. There is something so captivating about the breathing sound that emanates from Darth Vader’s helmet. Another reason to watch this movie is for the dialogues They all seem to pin pointedly attack George Bush. Recent movies have all tried to make a point against the war in IRAQ. George Lucas has gone a step ahead and many of the dialogues carry a deeper meaning referring to the current order (I felt that Manoj Night Shyamalan hit a home run- he named the sanctuary for the people in the village “WALKER SANCTUARY”). One character I missed a lot in the recent trilogy has been Captain HAN SOLO. I seriously feel that the previous three episodes would not have been a world wide hit if not for Captain Solo. Harrison Ford’s cool rendering of this wayward cow boyish pilot stole many people’s hearts including mine. I felt the same about the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy. It lacked one actor with Harrison Ford’s personality. But all said and done DARTH VADER'S legend revives this movie. The biggest and the only selling point of THE REVENGE OF THE SITH is DARTH VADER. If you are not a Star Wars fan and know little about what I am talking about check out THE REVENGE OF THE SITH and turn to the dark side.


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Daedalus said...

The themes in Star Wars are superb; however, I've always had a problem with the non-human characters. The other problem I have is that the Star Wars geeks who dress up in costumes and camp out in line for weeks for tickets kind of reduce the themes into some sort of geek life, which really turns a lot of people away from the films.

I hope Americans come away from this film actually thinking about it. I have yet to see it, but I will as soon as the theaters aren't so packed.

Ganesh said...

So finally the 30odd year phenomenon comes to an end I guess.

ROBBIE said...

I watched the movie on saturday, It wasnt that bad here in Silver Spring. There were 10 shows running that day and I did not have problems getting tickets or with the crowd. There was no one in sight with a Darth Vader costume either... I kind of wanted to experience this when I went there but came back disappointed. I guess Silver Spring doesnt have a lot of Star Wars geeks out there.

Larry Meiring said...

I watched it in Hawaii on Monday. Incredible, but very frightening. Just a few observations:

I thought once Darth Vader stepped off the platform the first time and yelled "Nooooooooo!" I thought that was cheezy and should have been more dramatic.

Also, when the Emperor gives him his name, I thought that could've been done better. It seemed off the cuff and not natural.

ROBBIE said...

I agree. There were a few scenes that could have been done better. But visual effects were stunning and superb.

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