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A Conversation about Tamil Brahmin girls!

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Seems like I have been posting some very depressing poetry the last few days and for a change people want me write something light. Since, I am not a natural at cracking witty jokes, forgive me for what I am about to write might particularly not vibe well with feminists.
Recently I was in conversation about a hot topic with two other friends of mine, whose identities I do not prefer to reveal at this time. Remember, I was the one who wrote about anonymity? Okay! Before any of you decide to guess what the discussion was about, let me confess that it was about women and in particular Brahmin women.
What was the context?
Well, according to my friends Brahmin women these days are very sexually liberated, and that they in their blog sites discuss everything from how they started their day to how they ended their day including intricate details about how they made their sambars or their rasams. The other complaints were as follows
1.Brahmin women do not want to marry Brahmin men anymore they prefer macho “nonbrahmin” men.
2.Brahmin women have a craving for anything “nonbrahminical” including non vegetarian
3.Brahmin women do not follow the age old religious rituals or customs anymore
4.Infidelity is on an increase with Brahmin women
5.One cannot be sure if a Brahmin woman is a virgin or not before marriage.

I couldn’t help laughing at all this, I was wondering about how cheap we have all become to discuss women in such vein (I include myself in this category). I was born a Brahmin but I never had it as a goal to marry a Brahmin woman. My brother who was brought up by my parents with the most orthodox habits fell in love and married a “nonbrahmin” girl and he doesn’t regret it one bit. I wonder why we (the Brahmin community) separate ourselves from the other communities. I am sure many of you have counter arguments for this, but I can only look to clean my house before I point a finger at anyone else’s cleanliness.
Finally, I would like to include a very humorous post written by Raagarupini , Hope she won’t mind me publicizing her post.

Of astrology,the best homosexual couple I've seen and Chennai that makes for a pretty mismatched title huh?Now,I just met these two guys who hail from my native in interior TN.Both middle-aged.Pretty typical conservative types.One is an astrologer S who promptly saw my jadagam (horoscope) and proclaimed that I was a caring,considering person who trusts people a tad too easily.No prizes for that Einsteinian prediction.But he did tell me that I will not lack for anything.Yeah well,is that a hint that I'm waaay too spoiled?I think so.First my parents,now my man.S says "aval amoham aa irupall.Avaluku enna kurachal".Can't translate that.Just means I will live a pretty decent life.The other guy C has a girlish voice and sells sarees and jewellery from home.He cracks amazingly funny jokes in Tamizh with a rod straight face.Kinda like Will and Jack from Will and Grace.But the difference is ,these guys are a couple.And they have been so from their days as youngsters.Even when they lived in the native (village!).And no one dares to question their relationship too.I don't know whether it's because no one thought of it that way or because both of them just don't give a damn.But it works.Very beautifully .Or so my mother says.Ah, now coming to Chennai ,where I moved recently-it's hot,it's humid,I have no air-conditioning at home (ancient house,rewiring will cost a bomb) and my PC is well,a Piece of Crap.It goes off promptly if I try to attempt any activity that goes on for more than fifteen minutes.Let's hope I can fix that.But, one thing I noticed and something we were told in our orientation course in college is that the traffic is miserable.No no,let's not talk about any other metros for now.B'lore even when I travelled recently has some lanes in residential areas especially where there is some semblance of calm.Bombay is raucous but it's four wheelers mostly.In Chennai-it's two wheelers,cars,buses,lorries.Everything that can move seems to be on the road!And on every possible lane.Not even the gullies in remote residential areas are spared.And the reason I know what I'm saying is right is because, -as the historian who lectured today pointed out,- most of the city's development was over within a certain span during the Raj.After that,a lot of expansion happened internally,as opposed to other cities where suburbs developed substantially.This has created a lot of hungaama in the heart of the city.The suburbs have caught up but much of the damage has been done internally.Let's not even get started on the lack of proper water supply.But actually,in toto,it's pretty decent.Home is on a main road.A tad noisy but I have every facility nearby.I have my two wheeler to cover short distances.The buses are bad but with a little juggling between auto,bus and my scooty I will do fine.But the acme of my ten month stay in Chennai will most definitely be college.I loved the place and my course and everything about it.Plus,doing journo and that too broadcast journo in a city with this much history will be a pleasure.I hope to be a busy busy lady. :)As always I look forward to this new chapter with childish inquisitivity,zeal and lots of joie de vivre.Only thing is,as per that guy S's predictions I will be married by next year.:D


Anonymous said...

who said brahmin girls are like that...tell those anon frieds also....and u r conclusions are totally baseless...
dont say that brahmin guys are not macho....ambi (See anniyan) la oru remo eruka madri..brahmin boys la oru remo erukan....just curious..any brahmin girl rejected u...and dont ever say about brahmin girls like this...

"play around inside the community" since there is every possibility of that news reaching her future husband/Parents who wud invariably be a so called non-macho man...

Ninga than oru oru s...p club kum poringa...scaring to play around the community

Anonymous said...

hey robbie

ni santhya vanthanam panriya...ella la:) ioio solra madri kulikarthey ellai....ponnunga mattum (brahmin) ennum daily thala kulichutu...kousalya supraja nu thulasi madatha suthi varuvangala....nenapu than onakku...

ni non veg sapdrathu ellaya...ponnunga sapta enna thappu...

Excuse me...mothalla ni kalyana anathu aprom..pakathu vittu ponna site adikama eru...aprom talk abt infidelity...

R u a virgin.??????????ask u r friends too...i know a lot of brahmin guys who goes to strip anonymous pointed out...

Last this post is senseless please remove this and ask apology to all the brahmin girls...onakku goal ellati free a u said mothalla onna clean panikko....u made me angry at 4:00 AM


ROBBIE said...

since you took the pains to visit the site at 4:00AM, I would also ask you to take the pains to read through the post fully. I have infact defended women in the second part of my post. I was just talking about some perceptions that brahmin guys had about brahmin girls these days. These do not necessarily reflect my own feelings towards girls, so please read stuff fully before you comment.
Hope you have a good night

Anonymous said...

Please I dont want to hear the vetti chat of just 4 guys....and take this as a conclusion...


ROBBIE said...

the whole point of this post was that the conversation does not count. hahahah! I was trying to bring out the evils of caste system and our refusal to accept current changes very subtly through this post, you read the bad stuff and ignored the good stuff, so its just a matter of perception here. Its just Sunday so cool off dear friend:P

Arvind said...


I am positive you are the MPD existence of TOI editor.

"was trying to bring out the evils of caste system and our refusal to accept current changes very subtly through this post" -

ROTFL - yaaru kitta kaadhu kuthara ? :-)

and i hope you take your comments seriously...can you paragraph your posts - everytime i read yours, i have to visit the eye-doctor...

Narayanan Venkitu said...

IMHO, a lot of these are baseless. There are all kinds of people around that..but I have to tell you that the Brahmin community has taken beatings all the time from all over.

Dare Shankar or any a....e to write a song like this.
Muslim veetu azhagae,
Christian veetu azhagae,
etc..etc. They cannot release that song/movie.! Only single out Brahmins.!

Brahmin community MHO is coming out of the shell and a lot of the olden days misgivings are vanishing which is good.

About the women/men etc..etc..I think it is baseless.! S**t happens all around.!

Hats off to your Bro. for doing what he did and to you all for accepting it ( did you?).

TJ said...

Related topic here..

Eshwar said...

Hey Robs...great discussion you kicked off here !! Not sure if its by design or accident !

Anyways...I am not sure what "...Well, according to my friends Brahmin women these days are very sexually liberated..." meant. May be you could ask your (those) friends what they meant by it. Or may be its just poor choice of words here.

Otherwise its good to know that you dont agree with such stereo-types (espoused by your friends). Its just so easy to get sucked into such crude generalizations and vulgar comparisons.

Few words of advice though. It would be good if you could organize your blog a lil' better. I suppose I have mentioned it to you before too.

In the present one, most of the readers probably never read beyond the "offending" lines. That probably led to some misunderstanding about your real motives here.

And for others who read it fully, lines expressing your disgust for such opinions was not articulated strong enough to drive home the point.

Anyways, freedom of the blogs is thriving here !!!

ROBBIE said...

Thanks for reading through the entire post before commenting. I really appreciate your advice about organization of the blog. I guess I did not realize that people tend to read between the lines and read only what is convenient for them. Dont make me a saint here, I was very much part of this discussion, but I later felt bad for being part of it because I have very strong feelings against religion and caste system in general. I posted this to make a point and I think like you said, people do not read these days before they jump their guns. Well I did not stress on the lines expressing disgust for such opinions because I thought, that there would be valuable insights from people reading it, instead what I found was that people used this as a stage for bad mouthing and justifying their own cause. I hope to organize my blog better in the future. Thanks for the pointers pal!
p.s. sexually liberated was indeed a bad choice of words, I realize it after I read it now. What I meant by that was that sex is no longer a taboo among brahmin girls.

Eshwar said...

Alas !! robbie I wish you had refrained from writing the last line and instead stuck with the lesser controversial phrase - ..."sexually liberated..." !!!!
Your last line only made me laugh. Good humour dude, good humour.

vee-jay said...

first time commenting here.
but i should say that all your complaints/ observations are definitely baseles.. Women preferring macho men is a question of choice and does not have anything 'brahman'. Infidelity is human and has nothing to do with 'brahman'.. As to your comment on a brahmin girl's virginity before marriage, why are you separating brahmin girls alone. I am not trying to be feminist here. I am trying to say that these complaints/ observations are universal and not just about brahmin women.

And btw, why don't we discuss about men (brahmin or non-brahmin) like this????

sukhanya said...

hey robbie, I got redirected from TJ;s post to this article.
I think people would not understand your basic idea when you try to post some sensitive issues.

I think we are all basically 'human' and then comes the caste classification. The human tendency cannot vary becos we belong to some particular caste.OUr brought up and surroundings do have some impact on the charecter to some extent.This does not mean that we can categorise people and brand their char with the caste.

Basically i saw that some bloggers have shot back at u for such a post they mean that brahmin girls are good and others are not??? Every human has a "satan" and a "goD" within them. The exhibit of this does not have anything to do with caste.

more to this is that your friends can;t form their opinions based on the few girls they have come across. The community (they are talkign about) on the whole is small and hence they would have thought that they can conclude things like this. Little do they know that...individual charecters are not related to CASTE, CREED, COLOR, or sometimes EVEN FAMILY OR PARENTS.

take care

ROBBIE said...

You have tried to make something very complex into a context, this is what I wanted to say.
thanks for visiting and reading my post fully:). Really appreciate your comments.

Shuba said...

Many truths will come out if i post a comment..ill keep quiet

Anonymous said...

I want one (or two) of those Brahmin girls. Hotdamn, sounds like they are pretty cool...

Anonymous said...

These comnts r abt junt in d circle do ask to som1 who roams the country sides & peep into interios of cultures & tradtion.

A person's attitude cahnges acording situation & circumstances.
simply most of bhramin family wre bound up wit their own culture to preseve som thing (culture)
so these do's & donts making them so. Man always eager to open somthig closed. how much the secrecy tre that much eager wil on. tht was hapnig in tamil bhramin family too.
NO one can find whther any girls wre sex with outer guys or not till som1 tels (even girls use dildos & other tools like banana 4 enjoy & losing their hymn)
very few of my frnds don sex wit girls(modrn/non bhramin) later married som1 else & living hapily. (tht their hus nevr no abt it) and those perons who knows abt it never goign to tel.
friend R u sure that ur wife a virign whn u marry her!?
I know many bhramins so many friends & tier relativs also working in Defence & other risky areas too. cools & tuf!

SO if u re unable to reach both the ends dont speak abt its length.

Anonymous said...

Friend; in one of ur prevoius post I read abt ur commnt on the time of posting by a girl.

I posted a comment now & its time 04:09 pm & ur sys posted time showing 6:39am
check your sys errs


VH said...

This is interesting..Does reveal 2 aspects for sure...1) Our insecurities regarding sexuality (male/female) and 2) Our constant state of self denial in strict adherence with Victorian prudishness, thereby reflecting our inability to acknowledge the existance of sexual freedom and preferences in our society. I don't give a damn about it being Brahm girls or boys. what sucks is the overt hypocrisy we keep bleating about regarding our take on sexuality, virginity and all that. Honestly think abt it guys..for all those hot headed guardians of our 'culture' that r gonna scream n fume, think about it when ur with urself. Allow yourself to talk to an uninhibited mind and ask yourself? Is it some kinda gold standard for a girl to be a virgin? It was never an issue for us guys to salivate and if possible get laid with the 1st 'item' that crossed our paths!! As for girls, realise that this isn't a game of tit for tat, "neenga mattaram than adha pannalama, naangalum pannuvom"!! but simply exercising ur personal preferences.
Finally its u that has to live with ur sexuality, straight/gay/ premarital or otherwise...this is gonna piss off a lotta ppl but I do feel that a lotta ppl wanna get married so that they can get laid...There's been a guilt attached to having/thinking sex guys!! In response to previous blogs, I do feel that we tam brahms are partly responsible for what our stereotype is today. Would ya associate a brahm guy with anything macho? its hard simpy cuz most of us were always encouraged to excel in Math (remmeber the article about "centum") and if possible music! Anything else, "aiyyo, yenda nee vamba veena velai kuduttu vangarai"? Temenna iru da..Ozhunga padatta padi and munnuku vara vazhiya paaru!!...And ya, for the girl who said sthg abt losing ur virginity at a strip bar, please realise that u can lost it at home as well..pretty much "Do it urself anywhere" thingy!! hehe..Strip bars are real good and yes, u can't even touch the girls there, leave alone screw'em...
So Robbie, interesting thread and did stir up sthg I'd thot was to be "whatever"!! Take it easy folks..

Beena said...

hey Robbie. whether brahmin girls remain as virgins or not is not a subject for public discussion. the only person who should worry abt this is her fiance or husband. And..y u target only brahmin girls? is it because all other non brahmin girls r nonvirgins ? if u r saying that then u r in for a big trouble. we brahmin girls ignore such degrading comments ..but the other nonbrahmin girls wont !

Anonymous said...

The author is undoubtedly correct. I have my own friends who had dated brahmin girls. They have told me one thing for sure, i.e the brahmin girls are very easy to date with as they are ambitious, name-cravers, money-cravers. Let alone they lose virginity, their only aim is to become a celebrity. I have known a bunch. Why just for me? Even you all guys know a lot. Let us name some who are brahmins and lost their virginity just for the sake of becomming a celebrity:
Jayalalitha (Iyengar), Sonali Bendre, Madhuri Dixit, Mamta Kulkarni, Vidya Balan, Hema Malini (Iyengar), Ramya Krishnan, Sridevi, Archana (Veda), Kajol, Srividya, Vyjayanthimala, Padmini, Ragini, Kalyani, Kalpana, Vijayashanti, Meenakshi Seshadri, Rekha, MGR's wife, Aditi Govitrikar, Amrita Rao, Bhagyashree Patwardhan, Devika Rani,Gayatri Joshi,Gouthami Tadimalla,Hrishitaa Bhatt,Ishaa Koppikar,Jharana Bajracharya,Kim Sharma,Konkona Sen Sharma,Laya,Moushmi Chatterji,Namrata Shirodkar,Padma Lakshmi,Padmini Kolhapure,Pooja Bhatt,Priyanka Chopra,Rani Mukherjee,Rati Agnihotri,Rekha Vedavyas,Rohini Hattangadi,Saroja Devi,Shilpa Shirodkar,Shweta Tiwari,Shobhna Samarth,Shashikala,Sharmila Tagore,Sneha Ullal,Sonali Kulkarni,Suchitra Krishnamurthy,Suhasini,Sumalatha,Supriya Pathak,Tanuja,Tara Sharma,Tina Majumdar,Trisha Krishnan(Iyengar),Tulip Joshi,Urvashi sharma,Urmila Matondkar,Udita Goswami,and the list goes on like the river nile. The list says it all. A friend once asked my friend "why do brahmin women and men dislike other castes more than other religions, why is it ok for them to date and sleep with people of other religion?" You know what my dear brahmin friend said," just becoz' they crave for celebrity status more than they do for virginity. I thought they are sick...try to put effort yourself and think of it and you ll come accross people like this in india's celebrities.

Anonymous said...

i think poor beena is one of those brahmin nonvirgins i have seen while i was on campus. my friends dated with them.

Archana said...

Amazing post. I am not a avid blog reader, but this one caught my attention, may be because I am one of those poor virgin brahmin girls or because I so badly wanted to give back to this Mr.A who has painstakingly given a huge list of women who are - "brahmins and lost their virginity just for the sake of becomming a celebrity"

Sounds quite insane, and I am all awed by the effort. The bit on "becoming a celebrity" is something every damn individual wants -why single brahmin girls? And why virginity, are not there more important things that one loses to become a celebirty? And this fuss abt virginity is killing. Call me a girl with no values, but I really dont understand the connection between virginity and celebrity. If thts the case, all that a women needs is to strip - forget the hard work up. Is that Mr. A tryin to say tht jus bcos hema malini and jeyalalitha lost their virginities, they became celebrities? What utter nonsensical, pervert and chauvanistic thoughts!! Guy, Get a life :-)

And, btw - a good post, although it was quite a pain to read through.



sankareeswaran said...

hi.. i saw ur comments abt bramin girl.. i dont want critize womens.. but plz help socity atleast ur bramin community.. u have to think everybody talking abt castisum.. no body support their socity people.. u want give any comments or scold me send my blog,

Kang said...

Archana, your response made me smile. Whatever the association between v & c, one has to marvel at the effort of anonymous. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Ada Naara Payala...
Appan Aatha Sari illanaa ippadi thaan pesa sollum.....
Nalla Kudumbathula thaana nee porantha....
Onga ammava ippadi yaaravathu thappa pesina Summa irupiyaa....
Brahmanaa porathuttu... Brahmana ponnungala thappa pesuriyaae....
Chee... nee lam ulagathula irukurathukae layakilla....

Anonymous said...

I know am too late in posting this comment, came across this just now.

On the topic, well, its a commom perception among Men, more from South, that Brahmin women are easy to take, blah blah. Its a fact. It does not end there, it then goes to every women. Its the feeling in Men that a girl can be fooled easily and that she is like a play doll. And this happens to women are studying or working.

Some go to the extent of having sex with these women. Well, whose fault it is, its not a discussion, cos, it varies from person to person.

Unfortunately, for our society, its dominated by Men and more than 50% of the men are of the opine that

1. Women should be at home
2. Women should not be demanding
3. Women should be obliging, even if the women is my boss, cos, I am male
4. Hardwork is to be done by women
5. Men are meant to enjoy, all possible ways
6. Women should not raise their voice or give their opine

and many others. I heard many cheap comments about women at my work places, made by Men and some times Women. and then, if a woman is tough to be cracked, she is given a different name, like Jhansi Lakshmi Bai, etc, based on the region.

As the author, Robbie was saying, its all in our minds, and before we point at others, better clean our house. how many of us preach but donot implement?

And a general discussion, many have started to take it to a different course. Being a woman, a working single woman for many years, and a young working mother now, I had faced many situations in my life which spoke of the same comments that were mentioned here, in a good context by the author and a negative attacking tone by some.

Its the problem of woman in general, but the comments are more against Brahmin community as they are one of the first few communities that allowed women to go out of the home, educate and work, inspite of having strict orthodox rules at home.

God alone knows apart from women about all their woes and the situations they face, and the reason why some become tough nuts at work or home.


R said...

Decide by what I'm going to say (read till the end completely) whether brahmin boys are macho are not? And majority of the brahmin girls are definitely honest, loyal & CHASTE like any girls of other community, yes there are some who may be different but there are also lots of beautiful brahmin girls who like boys from her community, marry her and enjoy the life.
I definitely think the people I am going to mention are definitely more than macho.(and REMEMBER these are only the few I Know, and I personally know 2 brahmin guys in my college who you wont believe what they can do and did). And if you are the person who thinks one who uses ugly words and is a rowdy is the macho then i can show you the terrorists and notorious rowdies who are brahmins.

Now I start with the fighters or politicians:
Bala Gangadhar Tilak
Chandrashekar Azad
Mangal Pandey(freedom fighter)
Army General Sunderji
Somnath Sharma(1st winner of Param Veer Chakra)
Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Rabindranath Tagore(Pirali Brahmin)
Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar
Jawaharlal Nehru
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
Rajagopalachari(1st and only Governor General)
Ram Jet Malani(Great Lawyer)
Prahladh Shashtri
Veereshlingam Panthulu
Tanguturi Prakasam Panthulu
Pingali Venkiah
Gurajada Apparao
L.K. Advani
And lots and lots more i can't remember

Sachin Tendulkar
Rahul Dravid
Krishnamachari Srikanth
Ravi Shasthri
Javagal Srinath
Anil Kumble
Ishant Sharma
Prakash Padukone
Ramesh Krishnan
And Lots more I Can't Remember

Companies founded by brahmins:
and you will be surprised to know how many public limited companies and banks are run or founded by brahmins. Ask any brahmin haters they will tell you the statistics and they know more about brahmins than most brahmins

I think i don't have to mention the countless scientist, educational excellencies and musicians

And if you think film stars are macho
From Tamil:
Kamal Hassan
Ajith Kumar (Thala)
etc……. to name a few
And there are also lots of hindi brahmin actors like
Mithun Chakraborty
Shatrugan Sinha
Hrithik Roshan (Roshan Brothers)
etc….. to name a few.

And there are lots of brahmin subsects whose only duty is of warriors like Mohyals, Bhumihars etc..

And there are some gotras who were kshatriya race converted to brahmin because of the knowledge and power they possessed. Like Vishwamitra, Harita.
And there are brahmin groups of certain gotra like harita in the ancient period, who were the best in martial arts and is said in the history to have taught many kings. And one of them I know is Bappa Rawal.
Harit/Haritha was one of the great kings of Suryavansha. The descendants of Harita were sometimes given the name Harita if he is considered to be near equal to Harita. Sri Ramanuja was also of Harita Gotra. You may know that he is also a strong will fighter, who had cause to fight.
In this way you may be surprised that other caste who were descended from suryavansha become distant blood relatives of brahmins like Agrawals which include Mittals Jindals Guptas etc.. who are greatest industrialists.

Everyone knows role of Brahmins in ancient history like creating kingdoms, as founders of kingdoms (there are some brahmin dynasties and kingdoms; see history), destroying kingdoms (as patriot & sometimes as traitor), in the field of science, maths, astronomy, medicine, music, arts etcccccc.......etccccccc.....

continued in next comment.........

R said...

continued from previous comment........please read fully

It's hard to believe but 2 brahmin guys i Mentioned above fought with 23 tough guys and kicked their asses during the fight among two groups of same college. I only see those kinds of things in a film.
And all three of us are martial artists. And if I tell the name of the college you will definitely find out, and I don't want to reveal our identity. Even if you don't believe me, you must atleast know the above persons who are machos. And one of the guy does sandhya vandana with 1008 gayathri mantras and he is the strongest I have seen. Everyone in my college agree with that. And he says gayatri mantra that he chants with perfect syllable and gaps give him the power, and I agree with him even though I don't believe in god. Even though I don't believe in god I do Sandhya vandanam once in a while before and during festivals as a duty and I know what the repetition of mantras does to your mind. It makes me strong willed and most confident during those days, but lazy to do 1008.

In early days the staunch brahmin would do 1008 repetition 3 times a day. And would do yoga and 3hours of pranayama through out their life. Those guys are the true machos in the world. I bet no one could do that easily even for one week. And my strong friend also agrees that he can do only 2 sandhya vandana with one 1008 and other 108. And only 1 hour of pranayama daily.

If you want a challenge do 1008 repetition with correct pace, syllable and gaps without moving your body much during the chanting for one week daily and tell me who is stronger. And think about 3 times a days and yoga and 3 hours of pranayama, then you will know the difference between the machos you say.

So guys cheer up marry a beautiful brahmin girl from your own sect or subsect. Enjoy the life with her.

And guys like my friends and me are not the guys who would give up even when the lives are threatened. And if others talk ill of you don't bother, action is only necessary only when it is really needed and it is upto you to decided when it is really needed.

And don’t talk ill about other communities. Help them to grow, only the person who is not strong must worry about the others becoming stronger than him, not the strong one.

ahmed said...

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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Data says that most of the Indian actress either in bollowood or in south filmindustry are from Brahmin community. At one end these brahmins pretends to orthodox religious and talk about there dignity culture and being vegiterian on the otherhand brahmin sends there daughter and sisters in the film Industry to earn money.

I have example from Hema Malini, Rekha, shreedevi, madhuri dixit, mamta kulkarni, shilpa shirodkar, rani mukherjee, kajol, vidya balan etc etc in bollywood to the tv actress like shweta tiwari, to the south like bhanu priya in telgu, trisha krishnan in tamil film industry all are brahmin girls in the glam film industry.
I guess every one is aware that like in hollywood, in bollywood also actress/heroin have
to sleep with producers+directors+lead Actors/Heros to get the role..
These brahmin actress are on sale of there sex openly to get even small role.they are ready to be slut to earn money and to gain supremacy.

I dont understand what is this double standards in indian society..on one hand these brahmin atress/girl are just behaving/getting like slut to get even small role in movie on the other hand these brahmin girls of the same community pretends to be sati savitri and says about chit pavin brahminism..where we have lost chit pavin brahmin girls?..

now a days as girls comes in college or in jobs they make boyfriends.All community girls keep boyfriends including brahmin girls to satisfy there lust and to get physical enjoyment before marriage.brahmin girls are fast in making boyfriends also from other community girls.they make boyfriends and have sex with them before marriage. brahmin girls go in live in relationship also but still people call them chit pavin brahmin to them,...what the hell are these double standards in india.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

It does not depend on with how many you have been fucked...It depends on the talent dude!!!..

You just let your sister and wife....fucked by directors and heros....we will see whether they will become...famous or not...

siva said...

past is past..,.,wats d solution for this present condition of brahmin people suffering alot ...,.wwe haave 2 unitely find some answers 2 our problems..,,.,.have u all ever think posiively like this

siva said...

i am a brahmin boy waiting for a bahmin girl 2 love.,.,.and i only wantt 2 do like i said

Anonymous said...

Brahmin guys are emasculated by their parents. People of previous generation didn't have sexual revolution or didn't grow up with the thought of dating or falling in love with the member of opposite sex after dating.It is there nowadays but brahmin guys are unable to do that coz they have very low self esteem and made to think that they are less than females or they put females on a very high pedestal . Both mean the same by the way. 99% of them are cuckold types or gay or very cowardly when it comes to females because of inferiority complex. They will act as though they don't have a girlfriend out of choice or say it is not in our culture to do that because of pride. But the real truth is that they don't feel worthy of a girl coz of inferiority complex. Some are cynical and bitter coz they haven't got a girl and trying to fight and put a stiff resistance to the emascualtion being perpetrated on them. Girls don't have the providing pressure and they are treated very nicely by their parents , hence they are super confident and our guys are at the other end of the spectrum. Guys will be confident if they are treated nicely like their girls and pressure is not put on them and if they are not belittled about their masculinity by their parents instead reassuring them that they are real men from a very young age. Parents also need to buy them good bikes or cars if they can afford those. If the parents can afford and still not buying them these things during the college days is emasculation. Ofcourse they need to tell them to get a girl from probably 8th grade.But the most important thing is to treat them like they are real men since the second they are born. None of these are happening , so the brahmin guys are effeminate or cowardly or gay or cucks or cynical and bitter coz they haven't got a girl and trying to fight and put a stiff resistance to the emascualtion being perpetrated on them.Most of them have been emasculated. I am talking about the guys who are less than 35. Last generation guys are not that bad and retain their masculinity by getting their hot teenage daughters to love them. It is hard to resist hot brahmin girls even if it is your own daughter with their leggings , hot pants , skimpy western clothes tight tops , yummy daughters daddies feel. Guys below 35 unga kathai ellam kandhal. Nobody seems to care about the evil that is going on in our community i.e systematic emasculation of our boys. The worst thing is that the boys start respecting and adoring the abusers (parents) like the stockholm syndrome . There should be a new name for this . Stockholm syndrome is a very mild phrase for what's going on in our community. Unbridled evil is ruling the roost.The only solution is that the boys should not grow up with their parents instead by the an ngo probably coz state wouldn't care about brahmin boys, who are we kidding ? right!Parents cannot be counselled and changed , it is not gonna happen, they are evil . These are not schrizophenic delusions . These are conclusions which i believe are 100 % accurate based on my observations and experiences . Again , my beliefs are not delusions, you decide for yourself, stop and analyse a little bit, you will understand.

Anonymous said...


First of all i think you don't have proper job and mostly your father / mother are belong to Dalits so you want to confuse all bramhin women / Men because if you hurt their feeling they will reply in this blog so that you get Fun out of it . i've seen many people like you so don't act too much first clean your family ass which got dirt from leaving cast and marring to other community then you are eligible to comment on others

Now a days because of Love marriges people are marriying to other community - i think you born to those two community so you are talking like this

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...Brahmin Guys ku edira ithanna pera???? hmm First of all many people forgot that We're all Hindus first....Fine According to me Suppressing anyone under anything is not good....That's a crime we do to our precious religion....And any guy saying Brahmins guys not good at sex send your Sister/Wife/Daughter...Theva patta even your mother to me....Let me show the Brahmin's power at sex....

Anonymous said... oru ponna 2 yearsa love oru brahmin boy....
ava ana BC category ..... ippo nan enna seiven? ava romba nalla ponnu...
ana enga amma vanthu non brahmin girlsa marry pannathantu soldra...
avalum enna seriousa love pandra....
propose panniyachu....avalavittu vera yaaraiyum marry pandrathula ishtam illa.....sastram samrudaiyam romba troubla irukku...pls advice me....

yogesh said...

Am from a Non-Brahmin caste ... Since I have certain friends in girls from Brahmin caste .. I know abt Brahmin Girls .. They are pure only ..Dont talk a word upon Brahmin Girls ..It depends upon you , how you treat Girls .. As per my knowledge .. People are important than God ... "Makkala purinjikadavanga .. Kadavula yeppadi purinjikka Mudiyam " . Yen friends rendu peru irukanga (Boys) rendu perume Egg saapiduvaanga .. yenda Ippadi saapida reengannu keta .. Mutta Smell pazhagidhichu da .. vida mudiyalangaraanga ... Sir ..mudhalla agam sutthama irukkanum .. Appa than Bhagavan ulla varuvaar ...

Anonymous said...

Thathvamasi Agam Brahmasmi - Let us discuss about the normal scenario. Sex is the common to all creature. Since the topic starts with Brahmin Girls - do you think it is really true, eating egg, eating non veg doing work - it is not the base of showing that the person is belongs to Brahmin - first of all - any one of you know what is veg and non veg - if blood is the base, even plants have nerves system. Then how you guys are identifing veg and non-veg. Do not kill - is this the base NO. No clueless. It is not really great to say that we are Brahmins by birth. Are we ever tried to prove to state that we are brahmins. If we try to be brahmin - we stop passing critics on women in general. Forget about community do you have unity amoung your nearby - for sure no. One friend wrote above stating the sastram and etc., are trouble for his love. None of the sastras told you boss not to marry, it says marry a rite girl - since you are in midst of your age, you dont know which is rite and which is wrong, hence the ancestors gave the decision stick to the parents, since they are experienced, even that too get some failures but not in all situations.

Instead of prolonging this text - please try to be a good human being rather than a good brahmin.

we are in the centure - should understand no racisism and all are one.

Second - As a brahmin - a set of principles are there, they should follow that - 1931 - brahmin percentage in India is 6.31% and now is below 3%

think - Why? because there is no unity, and finding mistake among themselves and started to destroy themselves.... if it leads like this do you guys/gils feel that community will exist? my gut feelings says - NO.

Be Unity among yourself and stop passing critics on the weeker side of the wheel.

Hope all are educated, try to find the strength and come over the weekness and get success. that's the theory.

All the best. said...

Jatti immatrial first for love. If boy and girl are matured by age and confidence to stand on their own to live , they can go head in life irrespective of their caste. Let us bless them.

sameer narayanam said...

I dont who has come up with such a annoying blog but the thing iwant to say is nothing but (only to the preson who put this blog and who helped him to do that)
you told that you are from the caste that you have commented here i am asking you a question
do you think brahmins(girls,boys) are cheap?
Iwill kick on your ass punda payaley first go and ask your mother whether she virgin or not understood (cana pundam nayiki porandha sunni gothala okkan)

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