Monday, August 08, 2005

Is this bliss...?

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I can’t get enough of it I thought,
Will I get another day?
Another minute, another second,
Just looking at her beautiful face,

Sadness dwelled in her laughter,
Lines that remain from days of sorrow,
Does she realize that I am admiring her?
Maybe...but it doesn’t matter.

It’s this moment that everyone wants,
A moment to relish the rest of our lives,
When a song about stars made her smile,
It doesn’t take much effort to smile does it?


Eshwar said...

"...Sadness dwelled in her laughter.." ?? Thats an interesting mix of emotions. But why is she sad ?

kaleidoscope said...

This poem gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, usually UR poem go over my head U see. Sweet. :)

.:: Rosh ::. said...

Zaps..nice poem.

Ganesh said...

Some feelings can be express some cannot be, but sometime shyness or fear of rejection can also keep one from expressing it, perhaps thats why she is sad ?

Arvind said...


you have become the master of abstract poetry :P

keep it up dude

Swahilya said...

Robbie: A space scientist once said, "When I gaze at the stars I wonder, if the stars are gazing at me." It is actually true. You Look At the Universe and the Universe looks at you. It is One without the Other.