Sunday, August 07, 2005

Kavya's reply to Tamil Brahmin guys!

I woke up at 4:00AM and found this reply to my previous post. I loved it so much that I decided to make it a separate post:P.
Thanks Kavya!
I got such a comment for my previous post when it was meant to defend women:P.
hey robbie,
ni santhya vanthanam panriya...ella la:) ioio solra madri kulikarthey ellai....ponnunga mattum (brahmin) ennum daily thala kulichutu...kousalya supraja nu thulasi madatha suthi varuvangala....nenapu than non veg sapdrathu ellaya...ponnunga sapta enna thappu...Excuse me...mothalla ni kalyana anathu aprom..pakathu vittu ponna site adikama eru...aprom talk abt infidelity...R u a virgin.??????????ask u r friends too...i know a lot of brahmin guys who goes to strip anonymous pointed out...Last this post is senseless please remove this and ask apology to all the brahmin girls...onakku goal ellati free a u said mothalla onna clean panikko....u made me angry at 4:00 AMKavya


Ganesh said...


I dont think Robbie has generalized.
But believe me there are guys who does 3times sandhyavandhaman with clean habits , a rarity among tambrams and 'Virgin'.
These 'Ambi' guys find it difficult to be accepted by the other fellow tambram boys and girls. Infact they are labelled 'pazham' and comes under un-attractive category. But, I am sure if such ambi kind of guys are still there, there should be also some good 'ammaloos' out there. Hope they get to met each other :)

Arvind said...

Ganesh, LOL :-D

Kaps said...

These pazham's are being used as a funny character in Indian ads....especially the North Indian / Hindi ads. these ads show the pazham as somebody with vibuthi on the forehead, soda buddi, and a veshti. his accent should be something totally yuk...

This is what the North thinks about the typical southie Tam Bram.

sorry for occupying air time.

ROBBIE said...

Exactly my point whats the point of doing all this poojai punaskaaram when girls shun these pazhams, seems to be partly the pazhams fault. Anything to keep the controversy going kaps :P

Anonymous said...

Seriously fell senseless to post a comment for this and talk to MCP like this....

Mr. Robbie...

Do u think guys do santhyavanthanam just to be virgin and to attract girls....My foot...please as I said earlier u and u r 4 friends are MCP

Ganesh said...

achacho anonymous
ellarayum serthundu mothama ippadi mcpnnu sollarele

Santhyavanthanam/Gayathri Japam has a totally higher level of meaning, so please dont even compare it with anything.

Nobody is generalising here.
Aathiram vendam,Santhamagavum

ROBBIE said...

I cant stop laughing now! what makes us an MCP? It is just a discussion, thats all and you are caught in the middle of the controversy now because of your feminist outlook thats all, if you read my previous post carefully, I have also said that I was ashamed of being part of the conversation. You have totally misunderstood the post and started boiling over a bit too soon thats all, you should maybe drink two glasses of cold water to cool yourself off. The MCP title doesnt suit any of us. There is something called mundhirikottai in tamil, dont be a mundhirikottai, be cool and relax, its sunday after all!

Arvind said...


Nice strategy, comments ellam eduthu post'a podare... ? :P

@cb, learn to invent such new blogging techniques.....

Parasher said...

Who is a Brahmin? Can anyone define Brahmin as separate from Human Being? If we strip off all our masks that we are wearing such as Brahmin,Vaishya,Kshatriya etc.,sub castes, religion and color what remains is a PLAIN HUMAN BEING. It is ONLY THEN we will learn to live in Peace and Harmony not only with our fellow beings but with the Universe at large too.

Adi said...


Grow up kid...ignorant fools like you dont know the actual meaning of 'brahman'. What you visualise in your minds, you tend to see the world in the same way. By the way, how the hell do you think you are 'defending' the brahmin women?

I do sandhya-vandhanam, and I whole heartedly believe in the rituals...and here's some of the 'macho' side you expect from a brahmin : Dont effin get into something you dont know about you pathetic effin ignoramus scum of the earth...just calling yourself a cool F'in dude and using terms like joie de vivre doesnt make you one.

-Adi Narayan

Anonymous said...

Mr.Robbie...can u please listen to the "vaykolupedutha again"....and please as u deleted satyas would be better if u delete my comments and the blog which u had put...


sen said...

Think u have mis understood robbie's post.Re read it.He just noted down what other's said.The stmt where not his.

The question is simple.Do we need to do rituals blindly.why do u branch of to so many stuff.

you are a perfect example ,you are blindly telling ur sandhya vandhanam's and all the mantra's without imbibing any thing that it teaches.lets say robbie does not know who a brahmin is.You should know it right.

"Dont effin get into something you dont know about you pathetic effin ignoramus scum of the earth...just calling yourself a cool F'in dude and using terms like joie de vivre doesnt make you one."

Does this what all the mantra's preach you?.Does this how your god asked you to behave with others.Don't do things just because ur dad asked u to do it.THINK THINK THINK.

Anonymous said...


'ananya sinthayanthoma
yaethana pariyupaasathae
theshaam nithyabhi yukhthaanaam
yogakshemam mahamyaham'


sen said...

if possible put those deleted comments back.

sen said...

Above my head dude.can u explain it?.

ioiio said...

Im sorry.. If I am commenting against ur wish robbie..

But I request u all to stop this mudslinging.. We aint going anywhere with this..

Pleeeeeease :)

Narayanan Venkitu said...


Freedom of Press - Blogs.!! That's exactly what we see here.

Hats off to Robbie for coming up with this..though it is highly controversial.!

Who is a Brahmin - Let's all first define this and then proceed with our discussions.!

Anonymous said...

Narayan sir,

I do respect the freedom of question to robbie was how can he define the Brahmin category as a whole (BRam Girls) people who are not virgins, meat eating, infedile..i did understand the whole post and these 3 reasons made me really upset...thats the reason i wrote like this...seriously was very upset..thats y i asked him to apologize...

ROBBIE said...

beautiful comment, this is exactly what I wanted to say in my post, even though it has been highly misinterpreted. I thank you for shedding light through your wonderful comment.

I did not use such terms like "joie de vivre", it clearly shows that you havent read it properly, it was raagarupinis post and not mine. I had just included it for additional "HUMOR". Anyway thanks for your comments I would rather remain immature and discuss with maturity than mouth of expletives like you just did.

Ioiio himself will explain to you about why I deleted him comments, I hope I had enough reason to do it. I do not want to bring in personal matters into the comments section of this blog.

Thanks for trying to clarify I am glad that you understood the context. thanks for trying to bring about some sense into adi's head. Really appreciate your effort. I cannot bring back ioiio's comments because I have deleted them forever. I do not want to discuss the reasons here and I hope that he knows what I am talking about and move on in life.
happy friendship day dude!
You do not have to apologize for commenting, you know the reason why your comments were deleted in the first place so I really dont mind you commenting here. This mudslinging is no worse than the comments you had left here, so please chill out, relax and work hard. Like I already told you, best of luck and happy friendship day.

thank you for understanding the context of the post, to your question in the comments section of my previous post. My father was dead against my brother marrying this girl, me and my other family members somehow cajoled him into accepting it. I am glad my brother made that decision. I have never had anything against the brahmin or the nonbrahmin population, like you said first the definition of the word brahmin is obsolete these days, but the discussions we have have far reaching effects. This was an attempt to make people realize that we are still discriminating after 50 years of independence and we are bothered by such trivial things. We have to as indians discuss such issues openly, I really appreciate your broad mindedness.
Thank you. I hope you had a great friendship day. I saw my audio blog featured in your site and felt very honored. Thank you again.

SamY said...

sabaash ... sareeyan potti ...

actually, know what folks ... the whole world is envious of this grp who njoi the endearment of 'Tam Brams'

as for sandhyavandhanam ... indha galathula pasage sandhyava venuma na vandhanam seivange =)) ...

I think I'll rest with that ... adios

Ganesh said...

Robbie make your blog short,as such people's attention span is very less.

A person commented here didnt even bother to read it fully, yet has been commenting on this. And branding people.

I guess some built in bias/guilt whateve kicked in

Parasharar wisely said what is there to said, people like Adi need to grow up.
We need more people like Parashararji for Brahmin community than half baked adi. Brahmins had a high place very long time back may be vedic times itself today we dont have that kind of folks anymore.
In their lips they chant great mantras that say 'everything is from Brahmam and there is no difference between a speck of a dust and myself or a dog' since they all come from the same cosmic substance there can neither low or high.
But when it comes to practise these kind of ugly things happens.

Best thing for people to read is Cho Ramaswamys Engay Brahmanan.

Robbie there are many great lessons learnt here.

Anonymous said...

hey..gan,robbie etc etc
Can u ask the same questions to u r close relative or wife or friend...(brahmin girls)

Ganesh said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ganesh said...

hey anonymous I was talking about the language used here. we can discuss differences in a decent way instead of hiding behind something do mudslinging and go ..

There is no point in commenting here, since you dont even care to read what people have to say. I wont be commenting anymore here on this.


Sowmya said...

Can't believe that this blog of yours has spiralled into such mud slinging (but not surprising considering the topic)..
Anyways had fun reading the post and the comments...

Anonymous said...

Indha whole discussion has stemmed from a men's gossip - and they say women gossip! Nalla irungu passangala.

ROBBIE said...

I would request you to read eshwars comment on my previous post to answer your questions here, please read my reply to eshwar as well.

Do not get flustered by this, nobody is victimizing you here buddy, I know that your intentions are noble. I have known you personally for 3 years now ganesh and I know what a gem of a guy you are. You do not have to fight with people who do not care to read a post fully. It is really a shame that most people do not even try to comprehend the post before they comment. It is not your fault ganesh. YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND!!

There is no competition going on here, it is just a big misunderstanding thats all. I guess it has also got to do with the organization of this blog.
I have learnt a few things from this post.
1. Most people leaving a comment on my blog do so without reading it fully or trying to comprehend it.
2. People who do not have the guts to reveal their real blogger identities often use expletives. I wonder why they leave anonymous comments, are they afraid that I will go visit their blog and leave a comment full of expletives? what are you afraid of people? I have been brought up in a decent family and I do not require expletives to express myself.

orangepixel said...

It looks like you are a pacifier for robbie's controversial post.
Hmmm... strongly following ABCs of friendship ha? :-)

Raman said...

I've read your post fully and I must admit that the first time I read it, I really could not understand what you were trying to imply. But, I know you, and so I re-read the post and that's when I got what you were implying. Your final message unfortunately seems lost somewhere deep within the post.

I do not know what transpired between ioiio and you, but from the later exchanges I think it got to a stage where it got personal. Spur-of-the-moment anger is the deadliest of all. No wonder they say you cannot stick together shattered glass. Now, I see that you've added him back to your blogroll. But, after this, you've been branded by certain people as something you really are not. And that really hurts me as a friend.

Let me give you a simple analogy here. I am not sure if you have played around with those different colored films when you were a kid. You take a white ball. You see it with a blue film, you see it as blue. You see it with a red film, you see it as red. You see it with a yellow film, you see it as yellow. People around the world are always moving around with these different colored films. Each person tries to see it with a different film. As an author voicing his opinion, it is upto you to ensure that you do your best to show them the white ball as you want them to see it. Unfortunately, your post seems to lack that clarity and that is the cause of this whole ruckus and you being unfortunately branded as something you are not.

So, I would suggest that you add these,

3. Structure your post better so that the message you want to convey is really conveyed especially when you are dealing with sensitive subjects.
4. Better still, Just like the parrots in the african forest can talk about just about anything except for religion because they do not know whom they are going to offend, do not write about something that may offend others. And if you really do, make sure that you put huge disclaimers at the start or put a gist of your thoughts at the end.

The problem you run into is that people's minds are so stubborn that once they stick a tag onto you, it is very difficult to takeit off! Once people start seeing you with a color of film, they always associate that with you. The next time you post something totally straightforward, you would be amazed by how people start attaching connotations to it!

And about responding to anonymous, when a person stoops to such low levels, it is like throwing stones on a sewage. All it would do is splash dirt on you! Remember this story, Once Swami Vivekananda was travelling and was mouthed an obscenity by some uncouth guy. Swami did not respond back with obscenities. He told him that "the obscenity" did not belong to him and so he would humbly have to refuse. As the obscenity was not accepted, it basically goes back to the person who gave it!

Be cool buddy and start working on the next one ...

ROBBIE said...

That was exhilarating dude! I am extremely lucky to have friends like you. I have always been an ardent admirer of your writing style. I have just now written about another person whose blog I frequent and admire. Thank you for your amazing analogy and for the kind words. I should have included your name as well along with my recent post and one of the few really gifted writers in the blogosphere. Thank you da!

Eshwar said...

Hey Raman...that was an amazing post. Could always count on you to come out with sincere suggestions. Your analogies beat me. Great post dude.

Shiva said...


and for a change people want me write something light. - looks like this is so heavy heavy after all.. And it moved away from the topic as such to a question of blogging & commenting etiquttes.

Communication is the key and Raman and Eshwar have already pointed on the necessity of organizing the blog better and so I aint doing that.

BlogWorld is where everyone is allowed to give his opinions - the truest form of democracy and freedom of speech. And nobody expects that everybody agrees with everything. Yelling, screaming, ganging-up and shouting obscenities are only signs of weakness and not of a healthy opinion. Only scum stinks. As Raman said, when one tries to pickup a fight in scum, all he ends up is with scum over himself.

But we also need to remember that we are no island. We are public, out in the open and being watched constantly by people we know and by strangers too. And knowingly or not, willingly or not, every word that we use/write/publish is used to evaluate us. Iam not saying that henceforth one needs to be a coward and write only sugar-coated stuff, but it is important that sensitivities are signifcantly considered before something is made available for the world to see.

And as to coming to the topic itself, when men get togther they talk about women - one way or other. This is a fact. There is something wrong if a group of boys dont sit and talk about girls. By the way, a guy cannot be called a MCP just becuase he talks about girls in a group - it is absurd. It is only unfortunate that your message of cleaning your own house got lost in the whole mela... - nallathukku kaalam illai pola irukku :)

There will be contreversies always, arguments always, difference of opinions always - the world will be oh!so boring without that. So lets just continue with our work of voicing opinions and those who are weak, emotional and abusive - they will slowly be ignored and forgotten...


ROBBIE said...

wow man! well said! Like I already said, I am glad I have friends like you who take the pains to write precisely what you feel like. I am honored to be in such company. thanks!

Ram.C said...

It seems, U are upto something.... really controversial man...

Arvind said...

"Like I already said, I am glad I have friends like you who take the pains to write precisely what you feel like. I am honored to be in such company"

Can you please decode ?

Anonymous said...

let us first understand that sex is a natural phenomenon and there is no proper sex education for us due to cultural problem,as our elders got married at very young age there is less likely for them to get premartial sex,but presently due to late marriage and nuclear family culture ,etc..., for both boys and girls ther is urge for us use the oppertuinites to calmdown the natural urge.But we have to make sure that generally males do premartial sex but our religion is more male dominated/created there is always restrictions for only girls and not for boys.Why the issue is only for bhramin girls is simple as generations more girls from our community are getting education and they are more exposed they know that they cannot tolerate anymore male hegemony and they need some change,see how long we can taste only curdrice and pickles ,as the word is changing we too should change,apart from that why they prefer non-bhramin boys since they will get more respect since she has come from iyer veedu they don't know difference between IYER AND IYENGAR is a different story,but such high treat is not expected here.Apart from that equality start for girls if they start with "virginity demolition" in tamil "YOONIKATTUDAIPPUU"which is prerequiste for equality.Anyway this cannot be understood by you people.If we keep talking like this and writing in similar tone ,we will be called "thaeveediyalgal" One of my OBC friend gave me a book there I read a quote " bhraminism cannot produce voltaire from bhramins or will produce any one in future.They are learned but not intellectuals"- this is a seroius question.Will there be any one from our side to be a future VOLTAIRE,beleive me if you try you will be thrown out of our soceity,take example from Karala's ex-CM, Numboodari, who tried his best,but sure you will become great hero in India,Hey don't think it simply,it is seroius.Try.All the best.Ok
see you later if I have time to cath you.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry for the intrusion; i just chanced upon this post while doing a google search and felt compelled to express my opinion. I completely agree with the author here. Most Brahmin girls expect a bit too much; they are also terribly egoistic. There are exceptions, though.

As for Brahmin boys and moral values, i just don't think morality is some reason fair enough for someone to reject. Whether someone is religious or not does not depend on his caste. And brahmins are no better or worse than people of other communities. As for non-Brahmin guys being more macho, it is simply a myth I would never agree to. The health of a person does not depend on his caste. Someone is utterly foolish if he comes to such conclusions.

Anonymous said...

i wish to recount some personal experiences of mine. im a Brahmin myself. and i have a number of friends, boys and girls, from all communities. however, amongst these friends of mine, i trust brahmin girls the least. i wish to recount an incident to this regard. i was recently through a bad patch and confused about my future. i shared my plight with only my closest friends amongst whom were 2 non-brahmin girls and a brahmin girl. while those 2 non-brahmin girls patiently listened to me and gave me some gud piece of advice and continue to contact me always the brahmins girl started intentionally avoiding me and disconnecting my phone calls after that. it speaks of the character of some ppl, i believe. brahmin girls are extremely egoistic to say the least.

R said...

Decide by what I'm going to say (read till the end completely) whether brahmin boys are macho are not? And majority of the brahmin girls are definitely honest, loyal & CHASTE like any girls of other community, yes there are some who may be different but there are also lots of beautiful brahmin girls who like boys from her community, marry her and enjoy the life.
I definitely think the people I am going to mention are definitely more than macho.(and REMEMBER these are only the few I Know, and I personally know 2 brahmin guys in my college who you wont believe what they can do and did). And if you are the person who thinks one who uses ugly words and is a rowdy is the macho then i can show you the terrorists and notorious rowdies who are brahmins.

Now I start with the fighters or politicians:
Bala Gangadhar Tilak
Chandrashekar Azad
Mangal Pandey(freedom fighter)
Army General Sunderji
Somnath Sharma(1st winner of Param Veer Chakra)
Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Rabindranath Tagore(Pirali Brahmin)
Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar
Jawaharlal Nehru
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
Rajagopalachari(1st and only Governor General)
Ram Jet Malani(Great Lawyer)
Prahladh Shashtri
Veereshlingam Panthulu
Tanguturi Prakasam Panthulu
Pingali Venkiah
Gurajada Apparao
L.K. Advani
And lots and lots more i can't remember

Sachin Tendulkar
Rahul Dravid
Krishnamachari Srikanth
Ravi Shasthri
Javagal Srinath
Anil Kumble
Ishant Sharma
Prakash Padukone
Ramesh Krishnan
And Lots more I Can't Remember

Companies founded by brahmins:
and you will be surprised to know how many public limited companies and banks are run or founded by brahmins. Ask any brahmin haters they will tell you the statistics and they know more about brahmins than most brahmins

I think i don't have to mention the countless scientist, educational excellencies and musicians

And if you think film stars are macho
From Tamil:
Kamal Hassan
Ajith Kumar (Thala)
etc……. to name a few
And there are also lots of hindi brahmin actors like
Mithun Chakraborty
Shatrugan Sinha
Hrithik Roshan (Roshan Brothers)
etc….. to name a few.

And there are lots of brahmin subsects whose only duty is of warriors like Mohyals, Bhumihars etc..

And there are some gotras who were kshatriya race converted to brahmin because of the knowledge and power they possessed. Like Vishwamitra, Harita.
And there are brahmin groups of certain gotra like harita in the ancient period, who were the best in martial arts and is said in the history to have taught many kings. And one of them I know is Bappa Rawal.
Harit/Haritha was one of the great kings of Suryavansha. The descendants of Harita were sometimes given the name Harita if he is considered to be near equal to Harita. Sri Ramanuja was also of Harita Gotra. You may know that he is also a strong will fighter, who had cause to fight.
In this way you may be surprised that other caste who were descended from suryavansha become distant blood relatives of brahmins like Agrawals which include Mittals Jindals Guptas etc.. who are greatest industrialists.

Everyone knows role of Brahmins in ancient history like creating kingdoms, as founders of kingdoms (there are some brahmin dynasties and kingdoms; see history), destroying kingdoms (as patriot & sometimes as traitor), in the field of science, maths, astronomy, medicine, music, arts etcccccc.......etccccccc.....

continued in next comment.........

R said...

continued from previous comment........please read fully

It's hard to believe but 2 brahmin guys i Mentioned above fought with 23 tough guys and kicked their asses during the fight among two groups of same college. I only see those kinds of things in a film.
And all three of us are martial artists. And if I tell the name of the college you will definitely find out, and I don't want to reveal our identity. Even if you don't believe me, you must atleast know the above persons who are machos. And one of the guy does sandhya vandana with 1008 gayathri mantras and he is the strongest I have seen. Everyone in my college agree with that. And he says gayatri mantra that he chants with perfect syllable and gaps give him the power, and I agree with him even though I don't believe in god. Even though I don't believe in god I do Sandhya vandanam once in a while before and during festivals as a duty and I know what the repetition of mantras does to your mind. It makes me strong willed and most confident during those days, but lazy to do 1008.

In early days the staunch brahmin would do 1008 repetition 3 times a day. And would do yoga and 3hours of pranayama through out their life. Those guys are the true machos in the world. I bet no one could do that easily even for one week. And my strong friend also agrees that he can do only 2 sandhya vandana with one 1008 and other 108. And only 1 hour of pranayama daily.

If you want a challenge do 1008 repetition with correct pace, syllable and gaps without moving your body much during the chanting for one week daily and tell me who is stronger. And think about 3 times a days and yoga and 3 hours of pranayama, then you will know the difference between the machos you say.

So guys cheer up marry a beautiful brahmin girl from your own sect or subsect. Enjoy the life with her.

And guys like my friends and me are not the guys who would give up even when the lives are threatened. And if others talk ill of you don't bother, action is only necessary only when it is really needed and it is upto you to decided when it is really needed.

And don’t talk ill about other communities. Help them to grow, only the person who is not strong must worry about the others becoming stronger than him, not the strong one.

Anonymous said...

It`s interesting to note that most of us forget the fact that we were all beef eaters 3000-5000 years ago. There were only 3 main castes, namely - the kshthriyas, who were mostly composed of warriors, the madigas, who were into skilled labor like butchers, smiths, masons, etc... and lastly the brahmins, who did the priestly jobs. It is also a well known fact that during the rig veda, brahmins ate meat owing to the various animal sacrifices. Also, it was common between the 3 castes to inter marry. But once, there was a massive shortage of animal meat. So, one of the 3 castes had to give up eating meat. After several brain storming sessions, it was decided that brahmins, who mainly connected to religious activities had to bear the burden of becoming vegetarians. So, they forced themselves to stay away from the other 2 castes just so that their future generations grow as vegetarians too. And, this has been followed for generations to this date (hopefully).

And recent studies show that being a vegetarian is far more fantastic and contributes to intellect, owing to the better rate of metabolism. So, be proud to be a brahmin and a vegetarian!.

A perfect brahmin is a person who does no harm to any other form of life, hence making himself far more intelligent than the rest and closer to divinity. It is more or less like trying to look into the point that kick started the process to thinking inside your brain, when you were in your mum`s womb.

It is believed that Adi shankaracharya has the divine knowledge / siddhi that makes him program the birth of the next successor into the womb of a selected holy mother. By practicing deep meditation and yoga, i bet many things are possible. We can`t change the DNA over a couple of years!. It takes generations and generations of well bred individuals to see a little change in the future. Think about nature and evolution... nature is trying to tell us one thing. We have to survive. And hence, we procreate. Since we wouldn`t do it without a stimulus, nature introduced the element of pleasure in the process. We are totally trapped in a world of illusions. But using sexual intercourse as a way to procreate might seem quite dirty and makes us no more than animals. We are animals, until the day when we don`t need any mechanism to procreate. Cloning is a clean way though xD.

So, instead of thinking about just things within the world, we might try and generalize the concepts and look far into the cosmos!. We are not alone... How long are we going to think about worldly issues when there are countless worlds out there...

To sum up my views, a brahmin is a person who does not cheat or has never cheated his or her partner, Strongly believes in sex after marriage, is a pure vegetarian and refuses to use most things related to fauna, does sandhyavandhanam, yoga and meditation, understands others and their needs and pain better than they can understand about themselves(possible with meditation), being very kind, sympathetic and also sharp in senses, abstains from bad habits, which obviously are bad since they affect his/her health. Gives importance to one`s own body first as it is a vehicle to the end of his/her life, sets future goals and works consistently to achieve them.

Infact, it is believed that jesus came to the himalayas to learn the law of attraction or whatever, the meditation techniques, etc from our saints and also got initiated with an orange colored sacred thread around his chest which was never documented in Christianity for the sake of sanctity.

have a thought,

karthik said...

omg... oru vaarthaiku ivlo comments ah.. seriously.. anyways.. robbie- for d literature content of it ur post s good, but for d stuff in it- cheap- specially d infidelity n virginity part...

nice reading ur comments.

subikshA said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

the comments look bit odd and the subject is intense

viru said...

i think the brahmins have only themselves to blame. they thought they were superiors , lived in halucination of dharma and vedas. but always in this world it is materialism which wins not the religon and god. they thought they were superior to other castes and brought up their gals with artificial "purity". but now the shackles have been broken theirwoman are sexually oiberalised and hence going to bed with other caste guys. Also brahmins have become weak and now other strong caste men are taking their women into bed . abd brahmins hav to accept this thing in modern society .and now they cant do anythign to prevent this