Thursday, August 11, 2005


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Eyebrows black, eyes deep set,
A beautiful smile rides her cheeks,
Her nose an abberation,
Lips that soothe the imperfection,
Tresses of hair that mystify,
a neck that begs to be kissed,
In totality...
A Poetry in motion,
Will you be mine?


sen said...

Her nose an abberation,
Lips that soothe the imperfection,

super poem

excuse me bro.... ur blog title is becoming redundant now.You can change it to something poetic...

ROBBIE said...

Are you talking about scientific masala becoming emotional and unscientific in recent times? Thats the masala part dude, science will come soon!

Swahilya said...

Robbie: Moving from the head to the heart. Good progress. Head is required only in the lab. Rest of the places, heart is the way.
Lovely poem.

kaleidoscope said...

Sweet. so did she say yes ;)

.:: Rosh ::. said...

yea..i have the same qstn K posted...Ki Hoya, did she say Yes?

cosmicblob said...

Robbie Thought you were going to post about your gifted roommate - is this the one ? ;-P

I join Kalos & ML in asking - "bolo bolo did she say Yes?" :?D

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Good one Robbie and a nice piece of art to go with it.

'Neck that begs to be kissed'...Wow.!

Nyneishia said...

Let me join the wagon.. Did she ??
A proposal wrapped in a sweet poem.. :) Good for you robbie.
Good luck !!!

Ganesh said...

Ung veetu periyavanga kitta pesavendiya time vandhuchi ;)

Arvind said...

ML,CB, et al,
Sill you'all, that will come via the next post ;) - konjam suspense build panna vidunga pa

Che before i could complete the comments, i can't wait any longer to hear the answer either :P - out with it

LOL - it took you so long and such explicit poetry to hear Robbie ?

orangepixel said...

may be its that, the one who is supposed to say "yess" or "no" is not even reading this...
Like all ur blogmates even i am very excited to hear wheather she said yess! or no! So sad :-)
Inteha hogayee intzar ki
aaina kuch kabar mere yaar ki....